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5 Advantages of Outsourcing your Appointment Scheduling

Are bookings taking too much of your time? Would you rather tend to your clients during their appointment without the stress of bolting to answer the phone? Or do you need more leads to grow your business but cannot keep up with the peaks and troughs in incoming calls? Outsourcing all or some of your appointment scheduling can be easy and personalised. Not only is it super affordable, but it also means that you’ll never miss an appointment opportunity again.

Our experience has found that these industries often turn to outsourcing:

  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Professional Consultancy Service Providers
  • Real Estate
  • Accountancy
  • Legal
  • Beauty

But the truth is that MOST industries can benefit from a personalised appointment service.

Here we unpack how an outsourcing partner can alleviate a business’ administrative burden, create cost savings, and open the door to more leads.

Schedule appointments MINUS the ADMINISTRATIVE EFFORT

Outsourcing your appointments means that you can schedule bookings without the administrative effort.

But how does it work?
The virtual receptionists are the first point of contact when your clients call to book an appointment. Whether it’s over the phone or online, such as a booking software or an email request, the virtual receptionists confirm the date and time with your clients. If the appointment needs to be rescheduled or cancelled, the outsourcing partner can do so immediately and alert you to changes via your preferred medium such as email, SMS, phone call or via your client portal.


You may only need our virtual receptionists to answer your phones after-hours, or during peak times, or when two calls come in at once, or simply 24/7. Whether it’s answering incoming appointment queries or calling clients to confirm bookings, an outsourcing partner can organise your calendar so meeting clients is minus the administrative effort.

Whatever the need, an outsourcing partner can:

  • Manage all your web or phone-based enquiries
  • Provide updates to your appointment calendar
  • Send alerts and reminders
  • Change your web-based diary management systems as required, so you’re always informed

Do you want to CUT costs in your business?

You might be wondering whether it’s financially viable to pay someone else to manage your bookings. Or you might be thinking that it’s cheaper to manage them internally… But have you ever compared the cost of hiring an in-house receptionist against a virtual receptionist?


Put simply, hiring an in-house receptionist means you’re subject to an array of employee expenses including salaries, commissions, legal fees, worker’s compensation, annual and sick leave, superannuation and more. These are all fixed costs that must be paid.


On the other hand, an outsourcing provider utilises usage-based pricing. This means:

  • You only pay per call or transaction taken.
  • There are no employee expenses or obligations to pay.
  • Your fixed costs are converted into variable costs.

The savings are abundantly clear.

Services are FULLY customisable to your business

All calls are answered using a tailored script customised to your business. The outsourcing partner consults with you to develop a customised script that the virtual receptionists can follow – that way you can trust and have confidence in your outsourcing partner that they will stay on brand and on message.

Gain access to an outsourcing partner who can do more
An outsourcing partner with a broader scope to handle product or service queries, order fulfilment and payment gateways can help facilitate smoother operations. Even if you don’t need their other services, it might come in handy in the future. That way, you won’t need to find another provider because the outsourcing partner is already familiar with your brand, clients and business. This maintains seamless integration.

What are these other services you should look out for?

  • Live Answering/ Phone Answering
  • After-Hours Call Handling
  • Overflow Call Handling
  • Email Support Services
  • Lone Worker Safety Monitoring
  • Live Chat Management
  • Outbound Calls
  • Triage & Escalation Management
  • Offshore Capacity
Generating LEADS is made EASY with an outsourcing partner

Do you wish to generate more business or need more leads? TMC offers outbound appointment services so you can access new clients and business opportunities. We are equipped to makes sales appointments for general marketing campaigns and contact leads on your behalf.

TMC’s outbound services include:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification based on your digital leads
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment scheduling


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