When you partner with TMC we value transparency and accountability. That’s why we provide a Client Portal. Access real-time information whenever you need, wherever you are. Log in with your user name and password and access service activity reports, update and configure employee contact details, rosters, scheduled report dates and times and monitor notifications.

Our Client Portal software is designed by us and built with the end-user in mind — you. It’s easy to use whether you need to make updates or run reports.

Functional and Convenient

Our services are highly customisable to meet your business need, but we get that things change. You may need to frequently enter new information and or update existing permissions and delegations. In the client portal you can:

  • Track services and work.
  • Co-ordinate changeovers and rosters if, for example, you manage on-call staff.
  • Schedule future updates to change delegations at an automated time.
  • Update contacts and look up personnel or client databases.
  • Generate reports based on the relevant info in your system.
  • Access your call recordings for quality assurance and peace of mind.
  • Monitor and action severity notifications and service requests.
  • Access Business Intelligence reports.

Whether you use TMC for a live answering service, help and technical desk, bookings and appointment scheduling, after hours support, lone worker monitoring or triage and escalation management, the Client Portal is easy to access and update your business information.

Built-in Analytics

Our Client Portal software has a purpose-built Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard. You can use it to run queries and produce statistics. Measure performance or track progress. With TMC powering your BI dashboard, you can create graphical representations of your data and use them in reports or even marketing.

Visualising your data is powerful. Map business analytics metrics against key performance indicators. Seeing this can let you know about problems even before a downward trend is suspected. Summarising data in an image helps the brain to process information faster and make different connections between data points. This improves your ability to make evidence-based business decisions.

You can use BI data to predict and improve performance based on a history of patterns, such as those relating to sales or call volumes. Now you know exactly when to schedule on more staff or better time a product launch, without conducting extensive market research.

Your Portal, Your Services

Like us, your Client Portal is available 24/7. No matter the hour you can update content, documents and access valuable BI. When you log in, your services and data are available in real-time, ready for collaboration.

We build your Client Portal to suit your needs and services. Need specific permissions for levels of staff access? Sure! Want to integrate with your existing CRM or database? We’ll make it happen. Our team of developers can build functionalities that suit your business.


Want a secure and user-friendly way to connect your operations? Our Client Portal software keeps all your information in the one place. Contact us to better organise your business and get back to what you do best.

Since TMC have partnered with us, we not only never miss a call, we are also capturing more bookings and our front of house staff are able to better engage with our customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Client Portal?

TMC offers a purpose-built Client Portal. It helps you access, update and coordinate your business operations. You can produce reports and graphs in the Business Intelligence dashboard so you can see how your services and business are performing. Multiple people can log in with various permissions to perform certain tasks.

How do Client Portals work?

A Client Portal works by gathering data about your business and services and stores it in a single digital platform. Log in online and access customisable data, run reports, schedule updates and action notifications.

What are the benefits of a Client Portal?

Client Portals are a valuable source of data and organisation. Access information and services when you’re offsite and use analytics to describe, predict and improve business performance. TMC’s Client Portals are easy to use and are a great platform for collaboration.