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While our technology is second to none, it’s our people who make all the difference.

Everyone at TMC is highly qualified and trained to handle every eventuality, so much so that we happily guarantee the reliability and professionalism of all our services.

We match the right people in our team to each business we work with using psychometric validated recruitment techniques. This means we hire right first, and you get the best people for the job.

Alex Del Brocco – 
Managing Director

It’s Alex’s job to keep TMC sailing in the right direction, and he does this with a strong commercial focus and common-sense approach to business. With over 20 years’ of experience in workplace management, it’s fair to say he’s become pretty skilled at motivating all types of workforces, individuals and our team. His entrepreneurial spirit is at the heart of the ‘better business sense’ that we promise all of our clients. If you’ve got a business problem, Alex can probably help you solve it.

David Hale –
Operations Manager

David is our go-to for operations excellence. If you need process improvement or a cost-effective solution, David’s 25+ years of managing sales teams and call centres make him an innovative leader. His love of optimising helps businesses supercharge their performance and realise steady growth. David’s knowledge of all things contact centres, onshore and off, helps him gets the right people, resources and infrastructure in place to deliver outsourcing solutions that punch above their weight. With the ability to translate strategic aims into clear actionable plans, when David is at the helm, he gets teams working toward a shared vision and supports them to optimise their business service delivery.

Adnan Avdic –
Workforce Planning & Training Coordinator

Adnan is our master planner whose business foresight helps us organise and upskill teams that deliver results. With 10+ years experience in the call centre industry, we rely on Adnan’s consulting prowess to balance staffing with work volumes to ensure our clients are satisfied and operational goals are met. As a people person, Adnan fosters strong relationships with staff and clients keeping the focus strong and morale high. His management experience and supportive approach helps us deliver first class service to all our clients.

Les Broeckx –
Group Business Development Manager

Les is the ultimate business and project manager. Whether you want to develop your business or make it more effective, Les will be across the details and guide you on the steps to get there. Rest assured that you’re in good hands with his 30 years of experience — holding senior roles in business support and contact centres across Australia and the Philippines. His PMBOK and Six Sigma Black belt certification mixed with a pragmatic leadership style means he’s in high demand and worked with many leading brands. At TMC, he scopes, delivers and improves how businesses operate and collaborates with ease to make things operationally better.

Damir Avdic –
Information Technology Expert

Powered by an analytical mind, Damir is a natural problem solver. When we need solutions built and technological innovation, Damir is our go-to techie who delivers. His unique blend of a Computer Science background, decade of call centre experience and creative mindset makes him ace at fixing. Damir’s focus on processing multiple viewpoints means that when he solves a problem, the best outcome for all parties is delivered using expertly calibrated technology.

Dean Bonnici –
Technology & Infrastructure

As the technology integration specialist on our team, Dean’s work on secure cloud solutions is the future of hosted infrastructure. Whether you need database, SMS, telephony, infrastructure or security outcomes, Dean operates within and between organisations to deliver tech solutions that work. He backs it up with 20+ years experience delivering real world and cloud solutions to SME and government sector clients and desktop application development. When you need flexible, scalable solutions, Dean will get your business powered by the best technology and supporting infrastructure.

Janice Davies –
Human Resources & Quality Assurance

Janice is a relationship builder who keeps people performing at their best. With over 40 years of experience in human resources and customer service, she is the master at recruiting and on-boarding. Whether it’s working with our organisational psychologist to screen applicants or nurturing current team members, Janice knows how to develop teams that are proactive and effective. When managing quality assurance, she’s the detail-orientated person who systematically examines standards and requirements to make sure everything is on the mark.

Heidi Glynn –
Organisational Psychologist

Our registered psychologist, Heidi, knows the science of what makes people tick. As a specialist in consultancy, counselling and human resources, she’s a pro at the person–job fit. This means she gets the best people in the right jobs, and helps businesses better understand their teams. Whether it’s using her skills to solve workplace issues or conducting skills and behavioural-based assessments, Heidi has the experience and knowledge to craft customised and effective solutions for her clients.

Marisa Kurnia –
Client Relationship Manager

As an integral part of our team, Marisa excels at engaging with clients. In fact, we like to say she’s the glue that connects the clients, ops team and customer support team. With a strong business and accounting background, Marisa thrives in dynamic business environments. Whether it’s resolving problems and conflicts, or effectively managing her team, Marisa’s approachability and experience makes her a valued leader at TMC.

Brita Falefitu –
Client Services Team Leader

Brita’s ability to connect and collaborate with clients makes her a crucial part of the TMC team. Looking after client services, Brita knows how to optimise and boost team performance. Her aptitude for understanding client delivery requirements is thanks to her call centre supervision experience — she knows what it’s like on the ground. She will understand your business and help improve how it runs.

Val Viardo –
General Manager
(Philippine Operations)

When we need operational excellence and mission-critical results, Val’s 27 years of senior management experience make him a natural choice. At TMC, Val ensures that Performance and Service Levels (PLA/SLA) are above and beyond their targets. His talent stems from a strong practical approach to analytical and solutions-based management and his focus on continual improvement initiatives.

Sherwyne Anne O. Al Fouzan –
Human Resources
(Philippine Operations)

Sherwyne Anne is our offshore human resources guru. Whether she’s handling recruitment, managing clients or training and engaging existing staff, her personable and knowledgeable demeanour helps her to relate to people across our organisation. Backed by experience in large and medium corporations around the world, Sherwyne Anne is our resident offshore HR expert who keeps our overseas teams at the top of their game.

Rhesa Riadi Halim

Rhesa Riadi Halim –
System Network Administrator

An integral part of our technology team, Rhesa establishes a reliable network for our team to work from. As we continue to expand, Rhesa ensures our business operate on a stable, unified, and secure system to provide our high quality service. With his network engineering skill combined with the ability to build relationship with our partners and clients, Rhesa empowers our business to connect further into the market. Outside of work, Rhesa is a party animal that loves to just go with the flow and meet people from all walks of life. Not really a sportsman per say, but he loves his AFL footy and international soccer.

Varinnia Hunter

Varinnia Hunter –
Workforce Planner
(New Zealand Operations)

Varinnia has been part of our New Zealand based team for over 10 years and is responsible for workforce planning to make sure that we always have the right number of Customer Service Representatives rostered on at all times. Her responsibilities extend to queue management and call forecasting. Outside of work, Varinnia plays softball, and enjoys watching rugby, rugby league and basketball as well as spending time with her family.

Jenesh Budhia

Jenesh Budhia –
Customer Relationship Manager
(New Zealand Operations)

Jenesh is a dedicated, passionate, strategic, engaging, and innovative professional with over 18 years of experience in brand & relationship management, retail marketing, customer, partner, vendor, & stakeholder engagement. Jenesh is an expert in understanding & engaging markets with the ability to manage & grow multiple diverse brands, and customer bases across different demographics within brand ethics & values. All while improving customer experience & efficiency to increase brand awareness, market share & equity and profitability.

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