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We answer your phone when you can’t. TMC’s live virtual answering services will manage all or some of your calls. We offer after hours, overflow, and holiday period options and configure remote phone answering services protocol specific to your needs.

Know that your business will be well represented as our Australian-based customer service operators use a custom phone script to speak with your clients in your way. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — with TMC as your partner to answer phone calls, you won’t miss an important customer call again.

How Call Answering Services Work

Our call centre can answer as many phone calls from customers as you want and communicate with clients using a tailored script that specifies the delivery of information to callers. We also record the details you need us to and relay the message to you immediately. We can deliver messages to businesses in several ways, including via:

  • SMS
  • E-mail
  • Telephone call
  • Client Portal

Our team can also live transfer telephone calls to the relevant personnel in your business and inform your staff about the nature of calls. Our team can answer calls in real time then send you call reports at agreed intervals so you have an organised way to monitor who’s been in touch. Our live answering service helps you to more efficiently manage your phone calls and streamlines the callback process.

Setting up your live answering service with our company is simple. We provide you with a local phone number to divert your phones to. You can manually turn this on and off, or automate the time of day you want your phone system to divert to us.


Let us answer your phones!


Benefits of Working With TMC

Our call answering service team has over 40 years of experience in communications, so we know exceptional service and how to operate a virtual call centre. All your calls are taken by native-speaking professional customer service operators who are in our Australian offices.

Our call answering service is tailored to both large and small businesses and we consult with you to develop a custom script that our customer service operators follow when speaking to your customers. That way, when we answer your calls, we greet and communicate with your clients just like you do! When we say we are adaptable, we mean it.

We combine our call centre and answering services to help streamline your operations. If you need additional call answering support, we also offer virtual reception, help desk and technical support, bookings and appointment scheduling and call centre services. We can even take orders and process payments on your behalf, and, if you need, work in your CRM, ERP or ticketing system.

How Much Does Our Service Cost

Our telephone answering service is a time saving and cost-efficient solution for any large or small business. Our plans start from as little as $28.98 per month. TMC has various packages for all different types of businesses, whether you want included calls or fixed rate per unit billing.

Take advantage of our Client Portal where you can access your call history and Business Intelligence (BI) reports to analyse the types, origin and time of your calls. We can even record your calls and make them available to you for your own quality assurance needs. We thrive on customer experience and feedback!

We answer, so you can get back to business. Contact us today to discuss how live answering will streamline your calls, boost efficiency and help you save.

Image of our phone answering service in 3 simple steps
Outsourcing our customer contact to somebody was not an easy decision. TMC spent the time to understand us and then took us through their design and tested it before they took a call. Thanks TMC for your attention to detail, seamless delivery and ongoing care!

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