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Quality communications are essential to positive customer experiences. You can make them more effective with a Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR). Set the automated greeting, dial pad prompts and redirect options.

IVRs were once robotic, impersonal machines. But we do IVR systems the right way. Think customised greetings and prompts and the option to direct calls to our live, locally-based agents should you be unavailable.

Customised Phone Experience

Your clients call when they want to be heard, literally. It could be a problem, a request, or they’re seeking information. Our IVR systems complement a personalised customer experience by efficiently and professionally directing your incoming calls. Clients speak to the right person, first time. Your business projects a strong impression and helps staff better manage their calls.

TMC’s IVR systems are customisable and designed to your requirements. Answering the phone after two rings? Sure! Patching through VIP clients as a priority? Of course. Transferring the call to your mobile when you’re overseas? Easy. As TMC offers an in-house live answering service, we truly offer end-to-end telephony solutions. When no one is available to speak on the phone, we’re here 24/7 as your business support partner.

Our Audio Greetings

Customisation extends to your audio greeting, produced by our expert voice artists. Hold music can be composed for you and we can design message banks and menu selection options that suit your needs. There are no limitations when it comes to IVR customisation. If we don’t offer the functionality you require, we will build it for you.

Click on the below links to listen:

Thank You For Calling Natural Male           Thank You For Calling Natural Female

Welcome Corporate Male                            Welcome Corporate Female 

Welcome Relaxed Male                                Welcome Relaxed Female

Optimised Customer Support

By designing your IVR system to route calls to the most appropriate staff, your ability for first contact resolution is increased. This minimises internal communications, aka, passing on messages. Staff have a clearer idea of the nature of inbound calls, even before they answer. Problems are solved quicker and questions answered faster. Now your business is more efficient and clients are better supported.

An IVR system may deliver pre-recorded messages guided by a person’s keypad prompts. This can be useful to communicate information such as opening hours, schedules and warranty and guarantee information. It saves your staff time and is an effective way to manage regular client queries.

All-Hours Contact

Having an IVR system boosts your ability to operate in today’s digital world. You might handle phone calls during business hours with ease. But in the 24-hour economy, the demand for late night accessibility is high.

Whether it’s many late night phone calls or in occasional circumstances, IVRs boost your capacity to service clients on their terms, giving you a competitive edge. You may direct calls to your night staff, or TMC’s live message answering service. However your business operates, we design a way for you to be open when your clients need you.

You can increase first contact resolution, business efficiency and reduce operational costs. As your business support partner, TMC can build you a solution that makes all the difference. Get in touch to learn about IVR systems.

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