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When it comes to IT support services, we can help your business run smarter. At TMC, we’re your front line and provide help desk management and technical support. You may know this as Level 1 technical support, a product helpline, specialist support or customer service enquiries. We will qualify why your customer is in contact and follow a specifically designed process to action the issue or query.

Whether it’s solving minor issues using your existing FAQs, triaging contact for next day resolution or escalating critical issues for priority resolution, TMC has got your help desk covered.

Our technology and expert team will make all the difference when it comes making your help desk and technical support more efficient. Reduce costs, streamline your issue resolution process and benefit from our technical expertise. As your business support partner, we’re here to help.

What Is Help Desk Support?

Our help desk management and technical support service will log and triage complex issues. We are your customer’s first point of contact and offer support via email, phone, online chat and via web forms. While some issues are escalated to your team or forwarded to on-call techs, others will be logged for next day resolution.

With 24/7 and after hours support available, we can assist, no matter the hour. Our help desk management and technical support service is an efficient commercial solution. Especially when everyone else is closed, help from a real person helps your clients feel valued — but you won’t have to be on-call.

What Is IT Support Services?

As we are a full-service business support partner, we can assist your clients with technical problems and also product queries, appointment booking, order fulfilment and payment gateways.

What Is Difference Between It Support And Help Desk

Outsourcing your IT support services and help desk can reduce costs and save on hiring in-house staff for sporadic client requests. Do you receive seemingly endless email support requests? We can action these entirely, or log issues so you can respond to them more effectively, reducing your cost-per-incident rate. Access valuable insight into your help desk and technical support service through our Client Portal and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.

Improving the flow of information saves time.  When we manage your help desk and technical support, your issue resolution process runs smoother as we organise and triage for you. This leaves you more time to spend on core business. Our triaging limits the contact, and cost, to after hour on-call techs. Requests can be left for next business day whilst leaving the caller with peace of mind that their issue has been logged.

How it Works

Our Help Desk Management and Technical Support is based upon the processes and protocols we design with you ahead of time. We can answer customer questions (FAQs) as we’ll be trained in your product or service offerings. We can improve your response time and avoid your clients facing automated assistance that does not fix their problem.

We can respond to a range of different customer queries including:

  • Product information
  • Troubleshooting instructions
  • Providing answers to frequently asked questions
  • Bookings and appointment requests for venues, health facilities and services

Why Outsource?

Why Choose TMC for Your IT Support Services

TMC is committed to customisation. We are proud to offer an adaptable help desk management and technical support service to meet your requirements. You pay a set monthly fee and rate dependant on call type.

How Much Are Our Help Desk Support Services

Whether you need us all day, all night or only for certain types of assistance, we will design a service to your needs. Your customer will receive seamless support and you will increase your in-house productivity. This makes better business sense. Contact us to supercharge your IT support services and help desk management.

TMC are capable of handling the most complex of calls. This suited us very well as we are expected to keep services for our travelling clients running smoothly, not only for them but also the airlines using the facilities.

Facilities Operations Manager

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