You can outsource aspects of your business operations to another country through offshoring. Building an offshore team can boost your capacity, reduce costs and create new market opportunities. At TMC, we’re different than a regular offshore outsourcing company. We help you leverage our international resources and build your very own offshore team.

Use TMC as your offshore outsourcing partner and your business will work smarter and be more efficient. Reduce labour overheads, improve profits, or free funds to expand your operations. Bridge any talent gaps you have in your locally-based staff. Find out how we can help your business operations with our offshoring services.

Offshore Capacity the Smart Way

We know how to make outsourcing a successful extension of your business. We target regions with a wide selection of qualified candidates. To offer the largest pool of experienced workers, we have network bases in the Philippines and Hong Kong, which have mature business process outsourcing (BPO) industries. In these locations, candidates have high levels of education and very high English proficiency and literacy. You have the option of hand selecting who you want on your offshore team and our in-house psychologist can assist by screening applicants.

Our offshore management team is locally based in Australia and New Zealand and in regular contact with our clients. A dedicated TMC account manager can manage all aspects of your offshored service including performance reporting. We have a deep understanding of the culture of our Filipino employees, and offer cross-cultural communication training to your team. Our goal is to seamlessly integrate your offshore team with your local operations, as if both teams are working from the same premises.

What Can be Outsourced Offshore?

Our existing clients offshore many business processes and administration tasks including:

  • Back office support
  • Book keeping/appointment scheduling
  • Computer programming
  • Content Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Data management
  • General administration
  • Payroll
  • Website design
  • Technical support

You may wish to outsource a single role, a business team or entire business function. But when you select TMC as your offshore business process outsourcing company, it makes better business sense — we offer fully customisable options tailored to your business. We are focused on solving your operational pain-points to deliver an offshoring option that is flexible and smarter.

Benefits of Offshoring

Having aspects of your business handled offshore offers a wealth of possibilities. Once your local team is freed from administrative tasks, they can focus on core business and new business opportunities.

Drawing upon the skills of a more international workforce can also be part of an expansion strategy. Your offshored team can assist in product development and build networks to target demographics once foreign to your business.

Cost is another driving factor. Many businesses reduce costs by moving business processes offshore. Wage variances between Australia, East Asia and Southeast Asia mean you can budget for more overseas staff, or hire locally-based staff your budget previously didn’t cover.

At TMC, our offshore outsourcing company is built differently. We help you to hire right the first time and deliver better business outcomes. Contact us to start designing your own offshore team.

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