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Did you know business phones can be hosted in the cloud? Hosted PBX phone systems supercharge your business calls. This means flexible options whether you’re on site or on the go and the ability to integrate into software such as CRMs, Microsoft 365 and ticketing systems.

When TMC hosts your PBX phone system, there’s no need to invest in capital infrastructure — we provide all the tech to better manage your calls.

VoIP Technology

At TMC we use VoIP technology to deliver you the best business telephony solutions. Our PBX systems run on VoIP. Confused? VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. When you make calls using VoIP, you use an internet connection instead of an analog phone line.

With our cloud-hosted PBX, your calls are sent as digitally as IP (internet protocol) packets. Your voice is converted to a digital signal that is sent via the internet. Voice digitisation means you have more options when making and receiving calls. You might make calls from your computer, VoIP phone or regular phone connected to a VoIP adapter. Your contacts are digitised and you can create centrally manage global phonebooks. You can better monitor and divert calls and see real-time data about call volumes and duration.

VoIP means you can make calls wirelessly, whenever you’re on a wifi network. This means you can make and receive calls using your business number, even when you’re not in the office. Rest assured, you can still call any phone number even if the person you call only has a regular phone.

Manage Your Calls

A PBX phone system gives you more flexibility than traditional office systems. It’s great for hot-desking as staff can log in and out of connected phones, no matter where they’re sitting for the day. Generate in-depth reports and access volume and distribution call data. You can better manage your call flows as a PBX solution allows you to:

  • ‘Park’ calls and retrieve from a particular phone in your business.
  • Configure groups of people who can pick up calls for each other.
  • Manage call queues: see how many people are waiting, how many staff are on calls and info such as average wait times and missed calls.
  • Set up automatic diverts based on time of day.
  • Use an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to gather information from clients via their keypad entries before a call is routed to staff.

Customise Your Calls

Because TMC is a full-service business support partner, we offer many additional services that work with PBX phone systems. We offer a live answer service for when you have too many calls, or if it’s after hours. We can also help you set up inbound numbers including 13, 1300 and 1800 options. You can also set up an IVR to greet your clients and provide them with pre-recorded information.

Whether you need a little or a lot of support with your business calls, TMC will tailor a communications package to suit your needs.

PBX phone systems streamline how your business can receive, action and report phone calls. Be smarter when it comes to business calls. Contact us to learn how TMC can be your business support partner that makes all the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VOIP?

Voice over Internet Protocol

What is PBX?

Private Branch Exchange – a carry-over from previous phone system technologies prior to VOIP

What are the benefits of a Hosted PBX phone system?

Outsourcing your PBX system to TMC means you don’t have to buy a new phone system — we host this service for you in the cloud. You can make calls whenever you have access to a wifi network and you can monitor and divert them easily. We will handle set up and train you in how to use your PBX.

How do Hosted PBX Systems work?

Our PBX systems are hosted in the cloud and you can divert, manage and monitor calls with ease. TMC builds telephony solutions that are customised to your needs. We offer flexible support options and are available 24/7 to help you get the most out of your PBX.