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We help you manage orders simply and securely. Whether it’s taking orders, payment processing or picking, packing and delivery, TMC can save you time and on cost. Whether you need us to integrate into your existing team during peak times, after hours, or manage every transaction, TMC will tailor a solution to suit your business. We’re flexible and take orders however your customers wish to make them.

Outsourcing your orders to TMC makes better business sense and takes the hassle out of managing your own order fulfilment and payment gateway service.

Outsource Order Taking

Never worry about missing sales again. We guarantee efficient service, delivering you all order details within seconds of ending a customer call. Or if you prefer, we can integrate with your ordering system. We also relay messages to the necessary personnel in your business immediately via direct telephone contact or live transfer. This saves you on time and on cost as we process orders in the one interaction – there’s no need to double handle.

When TMC manages your order fulfilment process on your behalf, we train our staff to your business, your products and your services. This means that we can address customer queries and deliver the service your business is known for. Our friendly and experienced staff work with all types of businesses and will represent your brand in the way you desire.

Your Orders, Your Way

TMC offers a customised approach to your order fulfilment needs.

We will design a process to take orders, payments and even answer customer queries. We operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so your business never needs to close. It might be after hours for you, but if your clients cross time zones or work night shift, we can receive and manage orders for you at any hour.

Our customisation also extends to how we take your orders. We can manage this process so it’s on brand and representative of how your business operates. We take orders via one or a combination of the following:

  • Web enquiry
  • Live chat
  • Facebook
  • Phone
  • E-mail

If you prefer, we also have the ability to partially place orders on behalf of the customer. We do this by accessing your web-based portal and transferring the details you require to complete the order transaction. We can even combine our order fulfilment and payment gateway service with our other types of support such as bookings and appointment scheduling, live chat management or technical support.

Payment Gateways

No matter the industry, we can process the payments of your good or services. We value security and your existing ordering systems. When we manage orders on your behalf, we use your third party gateway to keep client details secure.

Do you need an extra level of security? We can use static IP and several other security checkpoints to ensure secure access of third party applications. Additionally, our external cyber security expert is available if your business involves complex engagements that need high-level security.

Streamline your order fulfilment and payment gateway process with TMC as your business support partner. Contact us to focus on sales, not the admin.

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