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No matter what business you’re in or the size of your organisation, we’ve probably solved a problem just like yours for someone else.

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The Importance of Client Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction is the most important asset to any organisation. It helps businesses stay connected with clients, foster long-term relationships and improve the quality of the services delivered. Gathering this

TMC secures ISO 9001:2015 certification!

TMC is now internationally recognised to ISO 9001:2015 for our quality management system, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to our clients and motivation to continual improvement. What does it mean to

Are Missed Calls Impacting Your Business?

A missed call = a missing opportunity. You’re losing potential business leads and hindering the expansion of your business. Most importantly, missed calls affect how your customers perceive your business.

How Does A Virtual Receptionist Work?

A virtual reception service ensures that organisations never miss a call again. Calls are diverted to the virtual receptionist whenever you can’t answer, or only during set times of the

How To Answer the Phone Professionally

TMC’S Point of Difference – Professionalism on the phones With 45+ years of experience, our team knows how to answer the phones inside and out. We have built our scripting

OVERFLOW Call Answering Services

What’s a missed call worth? Unanswered calls can affect how your clients perceive your business. Message banks can increase workloads as your team deciphers voicemails and plays phone tag with

Business-Process Outsourcing

How does Business-process outsourcing work? Business-process outsourcing (BPO) employs a third party to take responsibility for a complete business function, such as HR or finance. The trend towards outsourcing has

Our Point of Difference

At TMC we offer usage-based pricing models. Our customers are charged for each call handled or transaction processed. This way our clients only pay for what they consume. Efficiency A

Choosing the right outsourcing partner

If outsourcing fails, it can be costly and time-consuming to re-open or re-establish a whole new business department. With this in mind, it is imperative to conduct a cost–benefit analysis


Offshoring is often seen as risky and complicated, resulting in a loss of control of your brand or process quality. In saying that, outsourcing has become a growing trend in