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Simple guide to 1300 numbers

Inbound phone numbers enable businesses to seize control of incoming calls and direct them to specific landing points. Telephone numbers can include Inbound Local (eg 03xxxxxxxx), 1300, 1800 or 13 Numbers. The type of Inbound number selected generally depends on whether the business is prepared to take on all incoming charges, just some or none and whether it needs advanced features such as call routing based on regions or time of day, etc.

What are 1300 Numbers

1300 numbers are mainly used for B2B. However, any business can get the benefit. It attracts customers from outside the firm’s local area, giving the business a professional appeal and presence. Callers are typically charged a local call fee to connect and the business itself is charged based on the time taken per call.

What are 13 Numbers

13 Numbers are typically used for by businesses who want to keep their number as simple as possible so it can be easily remembered. It is an excellent investment for those who want to leverage their simple format in marketing campaigns or display advertising. However, it does mean that there is a high premium to obtain a 13 number. A Government Levy applies due to their premium status.

What are 1800 Numbers

1800 numbers are generally used for B2C. The business is charged on a time basis for each call. Callers, however, are not charged. Unlike traditional landlines, 1800 numbers are not restricted to a local phone exchange or location and can be used Australia-wide. The business only needs one number, regardless of how many locations it has. This means 1800 numbers are fully portable, so there is no need to change numbers if the business moves location or expands.

What are local Numbers

Local numbers are the basic landlines that begin with a local prefix such as 03. The prefix is based on the geographic area in which the business is situated. Inbound local numbers are perfect for businesses who wish to project a local presence.

International Inbound Numbers

International inbound numbers feature an international country’s digits sequencing and prefix. These are ideal for businesses that have a global presence. Generally, international inbound numbers do not need to be attached to a physical phone line or address. However, this may vary in accordance with the country and their specific legal requirements. 

Smart Numbers

Smart numbers are 13, 1300 and 1800 numbers that have a memorable numeric pattern or spell a word on an alphanumeric phone keypad. For example, 1300 GO DOGS, 1800 DONATE and 13 SICK. Securing a memorable, relevant smart number can be a perfect feature for digital marketing campaigns.

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