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At TMC we’ve had over 40 years of experience providing business support solutions. We know how to build, solve and optimise. We understand it’s not just about delivering an efficient service and great customer experience. It’s also about learning from your clients and using their feedback to continually improve. To deliver you the best service, we have developed a purpose-built, Business Intelligence dashboard. Log in and see your business’ information and stats displayed at the click of a button.

Configure your Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to spotlight certain information and create infographics you can pull for reports. As your business support partner, we make analytics easy.

Customised Business Intelligence

When you outsource services to TMC, we have our own IP, systems and proprietary software. Because we built it, we can configure it to your needs and measure performance in ways that are meaningful to you.

Do you need to know how many urgent calls you received over a certain period? Easy. Want to compare where your staff travelled over the past week to the same time last year? No problem. Want to see trends and exceptions of what your customers are saying to help drive improvement? Sure.

From service activity reports, event logs, call types and outcomes, leads, issue resolution and more, a BI dashboard is a valuable source of data for your business.

Intelligent Reporting

The beauty of a well-designed BI dashboard is you can run queries and produce statistics to answer questions about your business. You can measure performance or track progress. With TMC powering your BI dashboard, you can create graphical representations of your data and use them in reports for process owners, decision makers or even marketing.

Visualising data is a powerful tool. You can map business analytics metrics and key performance indicators. It can let you know about problems even before you suspect downward business trends. Summarising your data as an image allows the brain to process information faster and make different connections between data points. This improves your ability to make evidence-based business decisions.

You can use BI data to predict and improve performance based on a history of patterns, such as those relating to sales, issue logs or call volumes. Now you know exactly when to schedule on more staff or better time a product launch, without conducting extensive market research.

Send Help, I’m not Technical

Our Business Intelligence dashboard is built with the end-user in mind — you. Not a numbers person? Don’t worry, although our platform is customisable, if you’re not sure what to measure, we can advise you what will be most useful.

Hate configuring graphs? When we set up your dashboard we also show you how to use it. Best of all, because we’re open 24/7 if you have questions or are stuck on trying to pull data to answer a question, we’ll be here.

Using our dashboard saves you time. Forget manually compiling data and aggregating it yourself. BI dashboards can be set to pull data from multiple sources such as APIs, flat files or databases or even your CRM system. It overlays and cross-references them to produce insights for you about your business.

Measure performance the smart way. Contact us to set up your Business Intelligence dashboard and get back to what you do best.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Business Intelligence Dashboard?

TMC offers a purpose-built a Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard. It helps you discover, interpret and communicate patterns in your business data. Log in and produce graphs and statistics so you can see how your services and business is performing.

How do Business Intelligence platforms work?

A BI platform works by gathering data about your business and services. It displays information clearly in a dashboard that you log into online. You can access customisable data and change the way you look at the available information using various filters and options.

What are the benefits of Business Intelligence Platforms?

BI platforms are a valuable source of data analytics so you can better describe, predict and improve the performance of your business. The dashboard presentation of your BI platform means you can quickly access data on the go that’s easy to read and understand.