Do you need to generate more revenue or better engage potential clients? TMC provides trusted lead generation and services that increase your commercial growth. Our outbound telemarketing services are individually customised to your business, budget and deadline.

We succeed based on our 40+ years of experience in communications and motto to hire perfect first. We hand select the best staff to match to your telemarketing campaigns — you get the right people and the highest possible success rate. We have truly great sales professionals who get the job done.

Outbound Campaigns

Our outbound telemarketing services will target potential customers and determine the level of interest surrounding your business. Through these details, we identify sales avenues worth pursuing. We also focus on establishing relationships with people who’ll drive your business the most revenue.

Our services include:

  • Identifying commercial leads and building relationships
  • Eliminating those who do not fulfil your criteria as a positive business lead
  • Contacting prospects your business is yet to actively engage
  • Pursuing old leads
  • Contacting your existing customer base for new opportunities
  • Data cleansing and de-cluttering your database to include only useful leads
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Contacting your existing customers for product recalls
  • Arranging appointments with interested parties for further discussion with your business
  • Acquiring consent from potential customers for future phone, SMS and e-mail contact
  • Market research

We can help you design your campaign and often combine our services to maximise your results.
After completion, you’ll receive accessible and actionable reports based on its scope. These reports will also be made available in our Client Portal and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard.

Efficient Lead Generation

TMC is dependable. When we manage a lead generation campaign, we tailor it to your business. We can begin or pause a campaign with as little as 48 hours notice. We’ll work to your timeframes and deadlines. You can rely on our ability to deliver as we have the resources and skills to handle any set of circumstances.

When we follow up existing leads or identify new B2B or B2C opportunities, we do it with your business in mind. When we touch base with your contacts to maintain relationships, we stay on message to preserve your brand integrity.

Lead Nurturing Services

TMC can establish and manage an effective lead nurturing campaign that progresses your sales pipeline. Targeted lead nurturing deepens client engagement and adds a more personal touch to your operations. This enhances your brand’s reputation. We do this by building upon phone, digital and CRM leads.

Lead nurturing services include:

  • Relationship cultivation — contacting existing leads at suitable times, as well as touching base with old leads.
  • Networking building — establishing fresh business leads.
  • Lead-based administration — updating your database to remove dead leads and confirming the status of active, pending, or potential leads.
  • Database management — organising your database to more clearly identify customer profiles and trends.
  • Arranging appointments with potential or existing customers.

Whether you need to deepen engagement with clients or generate more revenue, TMC is the trusted business support partner that delivers successful, outbound telemarketing services. Contact us to launch a successful campaign that gets the job done.

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