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SMS, the humble text message, is a valuable and direct way to get people’s attention. Enter TEXTR SMS. TEXTR SMS makes your SMS communications simple, quick and measurable. This proprietary SMS broadcast service has been developed by us at TMC and we know communications – we’ve been in the game for over 40 years!  Due to our experience, we’ve developed a secure and seamless platform. It’s partnered with the leading Australian communications providers and easy to use.


TEXTR SMS allows you to design, schedule, and monitor your SMS communications. You can draft messages via email or use our web-based system, accept or reroute replies and schedule messages for now or later. You can manage Opt-outs. You can track performance in our secure and private system that is intuitive and easy to operate.

Worried about keeping a large list, or multiple teams using the one list? No problem, talk to us about our API automations and customised GUI front end solutions.

Unlike many third party or generic SMS applications, we believe in adaptability. We work with you to incorporate TEXTR SMS as a standalone or integrated SMS system that suits your business needs. For example, if you use TEXTR SMS for marketing campaigns, CRM integration is available.

We have the ability to update and modify the functionality of TEXTR SMS. Because we built it, we can offer you agile customer support that solves the root cause of any operational issues. We are genuinely invested in how it performs for your business. Our investment in TEXTR SMS means we are always optimising. This is why we are the best at smart technology integration for you and your business.

Promotions, Updates and Reminders

Many business owners use SMS broadcast services to advertise promotions, flash sale deals or send reminders. As the open rate of SMS far exceeds email, TEXTR SMS has more direct reach through its delivery of brief messages reminding clients to access or purchase your goods or services. However, promotional content is not all that TEXTR SMS delivers.

Well-calibrated SMS marketing creates dialogue between your business and customers. This dialogue is alongside promotional campaigns and messages about your key services or goods. It makes it easy for your clients to choose you as they trust that you understand them and their needs. TMC understands the value of this dialogue and helps you build upon this by streamlining your client communications.

Maximising your appointment or booking schedule is crucial for any business. Use TEXTR SMS to send confirmation SMS — it’s is a proven way to remind people of their appointments. It gives the opportunity to reschedule and minimises the flurry of activity when someone cancels last minute, or worse, forgets to turn up.

Internal Communications

Communicating time-sensitive information within medium to large organisations can involve inefficient processes. It can be costly if the message doesn’t get through to the right people!

TEXTR SMS helps you quickly and directly share essential information to your workforce. Streamlining certain info via SMS makes your internal communications more efficient and a smarter choice when it comes to getting the message out in bulk. SMS communications to your team can perform vital, internal functions and TEXTR SMS is your business support partner that gets it done!

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