Inbound numbers are flexible and can be memorable. They make your business stand out. Many of our clients set up business phone numbers. Inbound numbers make it easy — easy for clients to remember and easy to take with you when you’re moving.

Whether you want a local landline, 13, 1300 or 1800 call solution, we help with setup and to select from our many telecommunications packages the best solution for you. We help you to be more accessible to clients and streamline your operations. Our 40+ years of experience means we can offer the best business solutions in all things telecommunications through our sub brand TMC Connect.

TMC Connect Numbers

Inbound phone numbers are great for businesses of all sizes.  TMC Connect can host your existing number or provide you with a new number. We also offer a range of telecommunications and technology platform-based services.

Why get a new number? There are many benefits:

  • Competitive rates. We can bundle services and make cost-effective, customised telephony solutions for your needs.
  • Local customer support. We’re available 24/7 to help with queries and support.
  • Account management. Support to manage services of all sizes.
  • Call routing at your fingertips. Easy divert options and many call answering options to choose from.
  • Full reporting. Access to a dedicated client portal and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard.

Simple Set Up

TMC Connect makes business phone numbers easy to set up. We secure and host the number, you can route your number to an in-house answer point, or divert to mobile or email. We can even answer calls for you at any time if you use our 24/7 live answering service.

Once set up, your business phone number can log calls in our customised Client Portal. See metrics such as call activity, duration and location to help you analyse who is calling you and when. Gain a competitive edge and understand call trends related to your marketing campaigns.

Business Telecommunications

The right telecommunications are vital for business success. TMC can smooth operational pain points and streamline how you communicate to your clients. Whether you need us to create phone numbers for your business, update your current communications system, or develop a unique cloud-based program – our expert team are here to help.

Our range of telecommunications services include:

  • Inbound 13, 1300 & 1800 number plans
  • VOIP PBX phone systems
  • Inbound local number plans
  • Email & SMS platforms
  • Hosted Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • International phone numbers (on request)
  • Broadband

At TMC Connect, we offer customisable telecommunications packages that bundle our reliable services. Best of all, we’re easier to deal with than the telco larger providers. No endless waiting on hold, no offshored call centres. When you call us, we answer.

Set up a business phone number through TMC Connect and supercharge your telecommunications. Save time and cost. Contact us to make your business calls more efficient.

TMC have proven capability handling our national 1300 number from their Australian-based centre and we have since used them to provide order management and administrative support services from their offshore facility, enabling franchisees to better concentrate on growing the business.

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