TMC can make all the difference when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys. Our 40+ years of experience in communications and expert team help you to design, deliver and collate customer surveys. Gain valuable insight and supercharge your sales strategies and product or service offerings.

Our data capture processes use superior technology so your intel is sound and your reports are precise and actionable. Outsourcing customer satisfaction surveys to TMC makes your business more efficient and more informed.

Why Survey Customer Satisfaction?

Knowing what your clients think of your business is valuable. Knowing how they think can be priceless. Customer satisfaction is a leading indicator of customer loyalty and a roadmap for future innovation. Customer surveys are useful to investigate your products and services against customer expectations.

Survey results and data are used to train employees, review internal processes and develop future business plans. Surveys also provide you with the direct ability to engage with your client base. You may identify unhappy clients, reduce churn and ultimately increase revenue. Whether voice or email-based, systematically recording feedback from clients is useful. You may identify patterns or potential ways to stand out from your competitors.

There are benefits to knowing what your customers think. You can proactively develop products and services for their needs and tap into new market opportunities. Knowing what you do right, and do wrong, helps your business learn and become more efficient.

Market Research

At TMC, your customer satisfaction surveys are delivered by our experienced team using customised technology. Expect to gain rich business data via our professional market research and survey data collation methods. We can conduct market research via:

  • Surveys
  • Customer analysis
  • Product research
  • Business statistics

We can also deliver and manage Net Promoter Scores (NPS), through our Live Answer and Customer Support Services.

A Customised, Smarter Approach

As your full-service business support partner, we will customise a customer satisfaction solution that fits your business. We may collect customer satisfaction surveys alone, or combine it with other aspects of our outbound and telemarketing services. If it’s appropriate for your survey, we can also record calls to further assist in the quality of response. We will get you the information your business needs.

When our team conducts surveys for you, we customise questions and code responses. Every business survey will differ. However, the general information we capture includes:

  • Customer satisfaction with a service you provide.
  • Customer satisfaction with regards to a specific staff member or franchisee.
  • Follow-up contact after a service request has been made.
  • Customer response towards the procedure of logging a request – whether that be online or via telephone.

Once we have collected this information, we generate your reports that may include case studies and aggregate analysis. These reports will show you exactly what your customers have said about your business so you can effectively respond and improve.

Grow your business the smart way. TMC tailors satisfaction surveys to you and your business needs. Contact us to better understand your customers and obtain recent and valuable market research.

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