TMC is a trusted provider for many organisations with travelling staff, students or workers.  Our lone worker safety monitoring service is customised to your requirements. We can include travel log monitoring, duress alerts and itinerary logging.

We design monitoring solutions for many industries. These include mining, trade services, universities, government departments and an array of health services. Invest in peace of mind and support your staff to get their job done safely.

Monitor with Ease

It can be time consuming to keep track of all your employees when they’re remote or on-the-move. You may be responsible for workers who are offsite, in confined spaces or work without direct supervision. These employees face increased risk — in emergency scenarios, their isolation can delay help. We can also monitor the activities and progress of your workers to ensure compliance with your business or organisation’s occupational health and safety standards.

TMC streamlines lone worker safety monitoring with experienced escalation management staff and a dedicated web-based platform. We oversee your employees’ activities while keeping you up to date with all the necessary information.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Journey tracking
  • Remote and solitary worker monitoring
  • General occupational health and safety
  • Welfare compliance management

We help you stay connected to your staff and have all your details in the one secure location, whatever the hour.

Coordinated Response Processes

Our web-based application provides a dashboard to manage monitoring and centralise critical information. The dashboard includes our proprietary Itinerary Manager capability. Here you can easily access and update your database of registered travelling workers. You can also manage places, journey segments and transport types to update and create trips that reflect your staff’s movements. You can customise the number of check-ins your staff need to make each trip.

We understand that not all communication is available in every location. Therefore, we cater for any communication medium by integrating phone, satellite phone, SMS, email or personal/vehicle tracking devices to our service.

If requested, we can provide Incident Response Teams and Emergency Management Processes in the event of an employee emergency or major incident. As we work 24 hours a day, seven days a week, TMC will always be available to monitor and provide incident reporting.

Customised Safety Systems

Our lone worker safety monitoring systems are custom designed to suit your workforce. It may involve a unique log-in ID or SMS system which workers can check-in at specified intervals. You may request phone contact at certain legs of a remote journey. You may require monitoring through to safe completion. We can provide it all. We work with you to build a process that best caters to the features of your lone or remote workforce.

Ahead of time we confirm a robust escalation process. This is so triaged emergency protocols are activated if monitored employees are not heard from. Incident logs and reporting functions are all customised to your needs.

If you’re responsible for a remote team or lone workers, TMC ensures that your staff are monitored in a timely and effective and manner. Contact us to build a customised system for critical communications and keep your people safe.

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