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If your business has an online presence, it can be hard to stand out in the e-commerce world. We can help! At TMC, we can strengthen your sales process, boost conversion rates and streamline your online customer service. How? Through our range of support services that are tailored to your business. These services include live chat management and social media management.

Get your customers chatting to a real person, no matter the hour. Grow your followers or boost social media revenue. Organise your social media communications and ensure all incoming queries are promptly answered. We can even manage your order fulfilment and payment gateways to deliver end-to-end support for sales transactions.

At TMC we have the latest technology to streamline your social media and live chat capability. We can help you be smarter when it comes to how you operate online.

Communicate with customers anytime

Our live chat platform is responsive and easy to use. It is a professional, online chat system that connects with your customers in real-time, integrated into your website. We manage the system for you as we connect with your clients via a widget and engage in web-based chats. Alternatively, we can integrate into your exiting live chat platform via API and web hook to our end point.

Using your widget or ours, we respond to and interact with customers on your behalf. We address queries and follow a pre-determined escalation process to manage issues or complaints. We can even design a solution that integrates with a chat bot. You get the cost benefits of a bot, but when it cannot resolve a conversation, our live agents are engaged.

We operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, so no matter when your customers get in touch, we are ready to respond.

Boost your social media presence

Are you an expert in social media? It can be hard to keep up with the various ways in which potential customers may want to reach out. TMC can take the hassle out of monitoring oodles of DMs and responding to people’s comments and queries.

Anytime you need us, we will integrate into the social media platforms you use and start managing your interactions. We can log, reply and escalate the activity on your socials so you’re kept informed about your presence across various social platforms.

Use our client portal and Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard to monitor how your social media is performing. You can run reports to see the reach or engagement that campaigns are generating.

Customised Online Business Support

When you outsource your social media and live chat management to TMC, we stay on brand and on message. We match our people to your business so we can communicate with clients consistently, as if we’re working from your office.

Prior to launching an online chat platform or managing your social media, we create a series of customised processes that reflect your business and your objectives. This includes determining what information you would like us to supply to customers online, creating the script or chat flows our staff will follow and how you want us to transfer or log messages.

Providing exceptional customer service and quick responses to customers gives your business a competitive edge and boosts revenue. But you don’t have to do it alone. TMC is your business support partner who helps you engage with customers and be more efficient when it comes to communicating online. If you want to be smarter in how you connect with your customers, contact us and get a tailored business solution that will supercharge your online presence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is live chat and social media management?

Live chat management involves our team responding to your customers in real-time using our professional online chat system. Social media management is when we respond to and engage with your clients using the social media platforms that your business has a presence on.

How does live chat and social media management work?

Whether we use our dedicated online chat system or an existing social media platform’s infrastructure, we determine what information you’d like us to supply to customers, create a script for our staff and confirm how messages are logged and responded to. We then deliver this service by communicating with customers via live chat or via social media platforms and logging these interactions.

What are the benefits of live chat and social media management?

Live chat and social media management ensure that customer queries are answered at any times using the information and branding style that you have preapproved. It provides your business a live 24/7 online presence, maximises the chance of converting sales and means that you can provide better customer service.