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Are bookings taking too much of your time? Do you need new leads to generate more business? Do you want your specialists attending their appointments rather than booking them? Outsourcing your appointments through TMC is easy and personalised. When we manage your calendar, you spend more time on core business, not setting dates.

Our appointment setting services manage all of your bookings and reservations, or only during peak times. Whether inbound bookings or outbound appointments, we organise your calendar so meeting clients is minus the administrative effort.

Across phone calls and web-based requests, we maintain your calendar, make real-time amendments and send reminders and alerts that suit your needs.

Appointment setting services – minus the admin

When you delegate the appointments to us, our expert team will be the first point of contact with your clients. We can manage requests over-the-phone or online, including from booking software or email requests. Once we confirm dates and times with your clients, we integrate to your existing booking system in real-time. If appointments need to be modified, we will do so and alert you to changes via your preferred medium such as email or SMS.

All of our appointment management services are customised to your business. We design a booking solution that suits your needs and your brand. We can personalise the information your clients receive when they make a booking and process client requests as directed.

Our personalised appointment services can be adapted for the following sectors:

  • Hospitality and tourism
  • Healthcare
  • Professional consultancy service providers
  • Real Estate
  • Accountancy

Do you need appointment management outside these industries? Contact us and we will provide a solution for your specific business.

Benefits of appointment scheduling

When we manage your appointments, we provide flexible options to best suit your requirements. You may only need us when all your staff are busy, or off-site. Perhaps you wish to have a live booking functionality available 24/7. You might want to delegate all aspects of the booking process.

Whatever the need, our expert team can:

  • Manage all your web or phone-based enquiries
  • Take control of all or certain types of bookings
  • Provide updates to your appointments calendar
  • Send alerts and reminders
  • Change your web-based diary management systems as required, so you’re always informed

Looking For An Outbound Appointment Setting

Do you wish to generate more business or need more leads? Our appointments team also offers outbound appointment setting services so you can access new clients and business opportunities. We are equipped to makes sales appointments for general marketing campaigns and contact leads on your behalf. Our outbound services include:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification based on your digital leads
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment scheduling

Let your staff do the consulting and we will manage their calendars. You can spend less time on the phone and more time on your speciality.

We can streamline your booking process making it simple for clients to see you or access your services you when they need to. We will design the most cost-effective system to maximise the efficiency of how your appointments are managed. Contact us to see how TMC makes your bookings process smarter and easier.

Our front of house staff struggled with juggling walk-in customers, making appointments over the phone and at the same time delivering the services for our customers. Then we found TMC and our staff can now spend more time delivering their services and our calendar is fuller than it has ever been.

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