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TMC makes it easy to outsource your switchboard and virtual reception needs. Our locally based, live answering service can answer all your calls or assist only in overflow periods. Avoid diverting your clients to voice mail because we work while you sleep or when you’re busy, and use TMC’s after hours virtual receptionist services.

A virtual office receptionist makes better sense for both large and small businesses as you save money on dedicated in-house receptionists, and we can provide support by handling your after-hours calls so your company has a personalised point of contact 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

Looking For An Affordable Virtual Receptionist?

When using our switchboard and reception services, calls are diverted away from your business to our professional customer service team. This can be whenever you or your clients need, or only during set periods. Using a script you’ve already approved, we answer your calls and action them according to your directions.

During the day you may want to have important calls warm transferred to nominated personnel or only have messages forwarded to you in real time via SMS. Overnight you may opt to receive a call log the following morning. We can contact you with messages that suit you best. Your team will always be informed of essential messages as we also offer escalation management processes which we can develop for you, to your specifications.

When we pick up your calls, our staff will ask the caller all of your relevant questions and keep detailed records of client information. No searching for on-the-go messages on scraps of paper – we will organise your calls with all the essential details. We can even coordinate the preferred time and date your customer would like to be called back. Our virtual reception services ensure your customers receive great service and our professional customer service operators can represent your brand as if they work in-house with you.

Virtual Receptionist Live Answering Services

We don’t just pick up calls! With TMC as your business support partner, we can be the virtual receptionist that helps you to work smarter.

How Does A Virtual Receptionist Work

Services involving virtual answering might also include:

  • Bookings and appointment scheduling
  • SMS reminders for bookings and appointments
  • Overflow and after hours calls
  • Switchboard services
  • Help desk and technical support
  • Order fulfilment & payment gateway
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Escalation service of urgent calls for your immediate attention via direct phone contact, live transfer, e-mail, or SMS

We Offer Quality After Hours Virtual Receptionists

At TMC we provide customised solutions for businesses. This means we’re your virtual receptionist on your terms. You may need flexibility in how phones are answered, such as only overnight or when you’re on holidays. You may prefer usage-based pricing that delivers you better cost efficiency. You may direct us to make outbound calls on your behalf, or want us to transfer certain types of calls direct to you. Our company can work with you to respond how YOU like so client requests are addressed as seamlessly as possible.

Why Choose TMC for Your Virtual Receptionist Services

Whether you need us all day, all night or somewhere in between, TMC values customer service. To deliver the highest standards, our virtual reception staff are locally-based and trained to your business: your specifications, your product and your services.

How Much Is A Virtual Receptionist

We are not just an answering service, we are the support partner for every industry. Contact us to see how we can support you.

Image of our virtual reception services in 3 simple steps
I run a small business and need to be “on the tools’ most of the day. When someone told me about TMC and their simple approach to taking my calls, I went straight to them. They take messages and let me know if there is anything urgent to be dealt with. I didn’t know I had that much time available!


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