When it comes to triage and escalation management, TMC is the business support partner that makes all the difference. We log, triage, resolve and report issues for your business. We are here when you need us because we operate 24/7.

Our escalation management service can be implemented for businesses of any size. We design processes to your requirements, your industry and your issues. Take the stress out of incidents and problems and have more effective processes to respond quickly and appropriately.

Customised Escalation and Incident Response

When TMC supports your business, our consultants work with you to coordinate the services suited to your needs. After your process is designed, your very own Escalation Management system is implemented which our team members action as necessary. If you’re unavailable, there will be provisions in our system so we continue to handle all issues the way you want.

Part of your individualised Escalation Management response is the creation of a triage system. This outlines the steps involved with engaging emergency services and escalation of information to your in house staff. Whether you deal with on-call personnel, trades or contractors, we identify issues and ensure the right information reaches the right people.

Because we build systems to your needs, our expert team can deal with an entire situation or parts of a response, based on your preferences. We can maintain incident logs, triage issues, deploy ticketing systems as necessary and provide service level reporting.

Coordinated and Responsive Support

While our triage and escalation management services vary between businesses, our general process is as follows:

  • Identify: We take the inbound call, email or live chat.
  • Action: We follow the agreed management and escalation instructions.
  • Supervise: We monitor the situation until it’s resolved or dealt with by the relevant service contractor.
  • Report: We provide comprehensive reporting capturing the information you require.

How we communicate with you varies depending on where we are in the issue management cycle. You customise when and how in this process you are alerted. To keep you in the loop, we use a combination of:

  • SMS
  • Email
  • Pager
  • Phone call
  • Direct entry to web form
  • Direct entry into your system
  • Via online portal

Issue Monitoring Capacity

We have the technology and capacity to properly monitor call outs and ensure that work gets done. This saves on having your staff on call if your business experiences infrequent issues or incidents. Then again, you may have an intensive workload; we also manage large capacities and are highly experienced in triage. We ensure that vital issues are prioritised and resolved. Our team members are fully trained in your predetermined workflow process and act swiftly and appropriately to best action a situation.

With TMC as your triage and escalation management partner, you never have to be on call. We provide after hours and holiday support as we are open 24/7, giving you and your clients, peace of mind.

We have the experience and the technology – whatever the problem, whatever the industry. Contact us to learn how we can help you manage workplace problems, issues and incidents.

What we really appreciate from the team at TMC is their ongoing energy and desire to keep improving the process, even after years in partnership – that to us is somebody to be trusted.

General Manager Facilities Maintenance

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