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How Does A Virtual Receptionist Work?

A virtual reception service ensures that organisations never miss a call again. Calls are diverted to the virtual receptionist whenever you can’t answer, or only during set times of the day. When the call is answered, the agent handles the call using a script you’ve already approved. Virtual reception services ensure your clients receive great service from friendly customer service operators for a fraction of the price compared to in-house receptionists. This solution fits companies of all sizes – from sole traders through to large 300+ seat call centres.

At TMC, our locally based live answering service is open 24/7 and can answer calls around the clock. When TMC handles calls, we set up a landing point (available 24/7) where our clients can divert their calls to the virtual receptionist. For example, you may need the virtual receptionist to answer your calls while your staff are engaged in a meeting, or you may need to switch off for a few hours. Whatever the reason, once you activate the divert, we manage your calls. A virtual receptionist service makes it easy to outsource your switchboard and reception needs.

Our workforce handles these calls according to protocols and processes that have been developed ahead of time. The virtual receptionist follows a custom script designed by you so that the operators stay on brand and on message. During the day you may want important calls warm transferred to nominated personnel or only have messages forwarded to you in real time via SMS or email. Overnight you may opt to receive a call log the following morning with who has contacted you. When TMC answers your calls, a clear and actionable message is relayed to you according to your own specifications. TMC’s virtual receptionist also offers escalation management processes to ensure that your team is always informed of essential messages.

TMC’s flexible reception options means that the call is answered on your own terms. To deliver the highest standards, our virtual reception staff are trained based your business specifications, product or services. A virtual reception service allows you to control how and when the phones are answered. In a similar vein, you may also prefer usage-based pricing that delivers you better cost efficiency, or you may direct us to make outbound calls on your behalf, or want us to transfer certain types of calls direct to you. The flexibility provided by a virtual reception services means that all client requests and queries are addressed as seamlessly as possible.

Services involving virtual answering might also include:

  • Bookings and appointment scheduling
  • SMS reminders for bookings and appointments
  • Overflow and after hours calls
  • Switchboard services
  • Help desk and technical support
  • Order fulfilment & payment gateway
  • Lone worker monitoring
  • Escalation service of urgent calls for2 your immediate attention via direct phone contact, live transfer, e-mail, or SMS

How Can A Virtual Reception Service can Help Your Business?


Instead of scrambling for on-the-go messages on scraps of paper, a virtual receptionist service streamlines your call handling process. It provides an organised methodology for answering calls while you’re busy, in a meeting, on leave, having some time off or simply cannot take the call. The virtual receptionist answers the calls and records the essential details so that you can return the query when you’re free. A virtual receptionist service enables you to take back your time without worrying about the tedious administrative tasks or calls consuming your day.


Instead of employing an in-house receptionist who might not be utilised at all times, it is cheaper to engage a virtual receptionist service. Usage-based pricing delivers you better cost efficiency because you pay for each call taken. Rather than paying a fixed salary to an in-house receptionist, a virtual reception services allows you to convert your fixed costs into variable costs. With this in mind, a virtual receptionist service reduces the inherent costs associated with hiring and training. Cutting and controlling these costs allows for the allocation of funds to other business departments essential to success.


Virtual reception services are an integral component to many organisations business continuity planning (BCP) and broader risk mitigation strategies. TMC has stepped in and helped clients across Australia & New Zealand keep their business communication needs fully operational, particularly during the COVID19 pandemic. For most parts, the BCP solution remains in a dormant state, but in high availability mode, such that it can be activated with little or no notice at all.


A virtual reception service ensures that your clients never miss a call again. From a customer perspective it can be frustrating when the person you are trying to reach doesn’t answer, or the call diverts to an automated voicemail. With a virtual reception service, you can guarantee that all your clients calls will be answered. It streamlines your business’ communication needs to ensure that your clients have a personalised point of contact 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.


One of the main drivers of live answering for small businesses is cost control with scalability. A live answering service helps to reduce the inherent costs associated with infrastructure, maintenance, hiring and training. Cutting and controlling these costs allows allocation of funds to other parts of the business essential to success. Small businesses no longer need to hire, train or pay for a full-time receptionist. Instead, small businesses can engage a virtual receptionist for a fraction of the cost. This has allowed many businesses leverage their cost savings and invest in other areas to facilitate expansion and growth.


A virtual reception services offers flexibility to businesses. Unlike a traditional in-house receptionist who may only be available between 9-5pm, a virtual reception service is available 24/7, meaning that your clients always have a point of contact during periods of full capacity or business closure. With the right workflow and triage rules applied, this is a powerful addition to any customer service business.

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