Our Hosted Interactive Voice Response solutions are an effective option for businesses communicating with callers.

Calls are answered by our automated system, providing callers with a series of friendly voice prompts that allow callers to navigate through the call and leave, or simply retrieve required information.

Interactive Voice Response System (IVR)

Our system provides a cost-effective platform that allows you do design your own business call flows, answering timeframes and call destinations. Driven by the caller’s selections, calls can be answered at The Message Centre (on behalf of our client), transferred out to another location, or the caller can simply leave a message for a call back at a later stage.

Custom Audio Greetings

We also offer custom audio greetings as part of our comprehensive client services package.  The greeting is tailor made to your business only and also includes additional custom hold music. The professional recordings are created by talented voiceover artists. With just a small one-off fee, you will have a customised greeting that matches your exact requirements and belongs to your business entirely.

We set up the custom audio greeting to play whenever a customer calls your business, before the call is immediately transferred to a live operator who will seamlessly continue with the customer interaction. We also offer custom hold music, with a number of options available. There is no limitation to adding any features to a live answer service or IVR option.

Why choose a custom audio greeting?

A recorded audio greeting not only ensures your customers know they have called the right business, but it also gives them a professional first impression of your organisation. A custom audio greeting is a smart way to convey information about your business promptly and clearly.

Our audio greetings can be customised to suit your preferences. Options include:

Gender: Male or female
Age: Young, mature, or elderly
Delivery: Corporate, friendly, natural, or excited

Price guide

Welcome message = $155.00 Thank you message = $175.00

Our custom audio greetings:

Click on the below files to start listening

Thank You For Calling Natural Male           Thank You For Calling Natural Female
Welcome Corporate Male                            Welcome Corporate Female 
Welcome Relaxed Male                                Welcome Relaxed Female

Hosted IVR Menu Call Forwarding Services Fee Schedule

Hosted IVR Pricing Details (ex GST) Plan Code: TMC HIVR

Monthly Fee (per IVR Menu) $25.00
Set Up Costs (includes 1-5 IVR Menu Options/Call Forwarding Numbers) $120.00
Set Up Costs For Additional Sub-Menus (includes 1-3 Sub-Menu options/Call Forwarding Numbers) $60.00
Professional Recording Of IVR Menu Selection Options Price will be quoted (Professional recording of IVR menu options is NOT included, this item will be quoted separately and will depend on the overall IVR format)

Call Rates Summary Pricing Details (ex GST) 

Call Type *Rate Per Minute
Calls Forwarded to Landline
Local $0.06
National $0.09
+Calls to TMC Live Answer Services $0.00
International Refer to TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates Applicable
 Calls Forwarded To Mobile
Mobile $0.22

Additional Charges And Service Information

  • *Call rates are quoted per minute, whilst calls are billed pro-rata in one second increments
  • Call Rates Fees do not apply ONLY IF Hosted IVR Services are added to a TMC Connect 13, 1300, 1800 or Local Inbound Number Service
  • TMC Connect International Call Charge Rates are available at www.tmc.net/internationalcallrates