The Message Centre has proprietary software, which has been developed and designed for flexibility. It also allows for a user-friendly experience. Our systems are developed to enhance the communication process and are capable of everything from single messaging purposes right to mass marketing campaigns.

Email Campaign Manager Platform

EMAILR is an email platform supported and developed by The Message Centre, a communications based service provider with over 40 years of industry experience. We specialise in communication solutions driven by email, voice, data, SMS, and web-based platforms.

The Message Centre has invested considerably in the development of standalone and integrated platforms for communication via email and SMS. We maintain partnerships with some of Australia’s leading providers to be able to offer competitive rates on our EMAILR email campaign platform.

EMAILR Traffic Pricing Schedule

In Australian Dollars and Exclusive of GST

 Email Campaigner Plan Monthly Service Access Fee 
(included *unlimited email sends – fee charge amount is based on List Size)
Email List Size included within the Monthly Access Fee and Email Campaign Plan
EMAILR 500 $49.00  1 – 500
EMAILR 2500 $89.00 501 – 2500
EMAILR 5000 $149.00 2501 – 5000
EMAILR 10000 $229.00 5001 – 10000
EMAILR 15000 $369.00 10001 – 15000
EMAILR 25000 $589.00  15001 – 25000
 System Set Up (once off) $49 

Email Platforms

What are email platforms?
Email platforms are online platforms that enable you to easily send emails which can be used for marketing campaigns, service updates and staff communications.
How do email platforms work?
After you identify an appropriate plan and schedule, we will distribute the emails for you. We can help you design the email and the copywriting as well.
What are the benefits of email platforms?
Email is a thriving factor of digital marketing that makes it easy to communicate to your customers at any given time. Email is an alternative form of communication to telephone contact. For instance, orders can be emailed rather than phoned through.