At The Message Centre, we can provide a variety of monitoring services including lone worker monitoring, human resource monitoring and incident reporting. It can be difficult to┬ákeep track of each employee’s activities within a business. We are able to monitor your employees’ activities while keeping you up to date with all of the necessary information.

Lone Worker Safety Monitoring

Lone worker monitoring involves monitoring and managing the safety of employees who are usually located outside of the organisation. Such as offsite contractors or other employees who work in isolation without direct supervision. These employees may be exposed to increased risk because they work away from people who may be able to offer help in the event of an emergency or incident.

Our monitoring services include:

  • Journey tracking
  • Remote and solitary worker monitoring
  • General occupational health and safety
  • Welfare compliance management

We can also monitor the activities and progress of your workers to ensure they working in accordance with your company’s standards.

Additionally, we can provide Incident Response Teams and Emergency Management Processes in the event of an employee emergency on major incident.

Working 24 hours a day, seven days a week, The Message Centre is always available to provide monitoring and incident reporting. If you operate a remote team or have lone workers, we can ensure that all of your staff are delivering the services required in a timely, effective and safe manner, and will keep you informed along the way.