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Questions To Ask When Outsourcing IT Help Desk Support

Outsourcing IT help desk support can help your organisation operate more seamlessly and efficiently. Help desk management and technical support, also known as Level 1 technical support, product helpline, specialist support or customer service enquiries, can create an efficient operational system for client enquires. For example, a help desk can solve a minor issue using an existing FAQ list created by you. An outsourcing partner can also triage contact for next day resolution or escalate critical issues for priority management. By outsourcing some or all of your IT Help desk support, you can reduce overall costs, streamline your issue resolution process and increase your service delivery capability. However, it can be a large and potentially risky business decision for many business owners. To help mitigate some uncertainty and provide further clarity around outsourcing your help desk and technical support services, we have collated some questions to consider during the decision-making stage.

What can a Help desk offer my business?

A technical support service can log and triage complex issues. They are often the client’s first point of contact and can offer support via email, phone, online chat or via web forms. Client queries or issues can be triaged, then escalated to your team or forwarded to the on-call technician. Alternatively, calls can be logged for next business day resolution depending on your instructions.

The team can also assist your clients with technical problems, as well as offering an array of other services. For example, a technical support partner with broader scope to handle product queries, appointment booking, order fulfilment and payment gateways can facilitate smoother operations for many businesses.

The scope of works needed may also extend to email support. If you receive constant email requests and need help handling these, then a technical support partner may be a viable solution. The team can action these entirely, or log issues for you to respond to, reducing your cost-per-incident rate. You can also view the activities carried out by the Help desk and technical support service through your Client Portal and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.

In addition, it is important to utilise IVR’s so that calls which do not relate to technical support can be routed elsewhere, especially if it is outside the scope handled by the outsourcing partner. This minimises after hours calls that are not technical support related. The IVR may advise the caller to either leave a voice message or call back during business hours.  This assists with mitigating costs for other type of calls that may come in, especially after hours calls.

Is it cheaper or more expensive to outsource?

Our research has found that a Help desk and technical support service is an affordable solution for organisations of all sizes. Outsourcing this function to a third-party can reduce the inherent costs (fixed costs) associated with hiring in-house staff who may only be required for periodic client requests. Here you can convert your fixed costs (labour expenses, superannuation, wages etc) into variable costs (pay per call taken by the business support partner).

A technical support service is open 24/7, extending far beyond the traditional 9-5pm opening hours. With 24/7 coverage and after hours support available, a technical support service can assist, no matter the hour. Help desk management and technical support service is an efficient commercial solution for businesses of all sizes. Especially when everyone else is closed, help from a real person makes your customers feel valued without your staff needing to answer the call.

Improving the flow of information saves both time and money. This leaves you with more time to spend on core business. Having a Help desk and technical support service streamlines your issue resolution process, helping it run smoother and more efficiently. Triaging limits the contact and cost affiliated with after-hours technicians and personnel. Requests can be left for the next business day depending on the urgency of the request as stipulated by your instructions. This also leaves the client with peace of mind that their issue has been logged.

How will the outsourced agents know what to say to my clients?

Help desk Management and Technical Support is based upon the processes and protocols that have been designed by you ahead of time. The team is trained in your product or service offerings and can answer customer questions (FAQs) as designed by you. A Help desk Management and Technical Support service can improve your response time and avoid your customers facing automated assistance that does not fix their problem. The team can help respond to a range of different customer queries including product information, troubleshooting instructions, providing answers to frequently asked questions and bookings or appointment requests for venues, health facilities and entertainment or beauty services.

The scripting tool is designed to navigate through a series of questions and answers which provide an automated workflow toward assisting the customer and triaging issues. For example, the script will auto populate with a response depending on the customers response to certain questions. This allows for the provision of accurate information and ensures that calls are escalated to the appropriate person or department.

Outsourcing partners, such as TMC, are committed to customisation. We encourage you to seek a flexible and adaptable help desk management and technical support service to meet your individual business requirements. Whether you need the team all night or only for certain types of assistance, TMC can design a service to suit your exact needs. You can rest assured that your customers will receive seamless support, while also increasing your in-house productivity.

TMC’s Point of Difference – Help desk Management and Technical Support

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