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Overflow Call Answering Services

What’s a missed call worth?

Unanswered calls can affect how your clients perceive your business. Message banks can increase workloads as your team deciphers voicemails and plays phone tag with call backs. Resourcing a team to deal with these extra calls can be cost prohibitive for many organisations, especially when call patterns are unpredictable.

Partnering with a live answering service to balance your team’s inbound calls is an affordable and cost-effective business solution.  You PAY FOR WHAT YOU USE, so its ultra-efficient. At TMC, we can handle your calls during overflow periods (when all lines are busy), after-hours (when the office is closed for the day), or all your phone calls. Whether it’s seasonal, or an unexpected call load increase, our call answering service is customised to your needs.

When we handle overflow calls, we set up a landing point (available 24/7) where our clients can divert their calls to TMC. For example, you may need us to answer your calls while your staff are engaged in a meeting, or you may need to switch off for a few hours. Whatever the reason, once you activate the divert, we manage your calls.

Our workforce handles these calls according to protocols and processes that have been developed ahead of time. The agents follow a custom script designed by you so that our operators stay on brand and on message. When TMC answers your overflow calls, a clear and actionable message is then relayed to your team. This solution fits organisations and businesses of all sizes – from small one-man receptionists through to large 300+ seat call centres.

TMC has become an integral partner to many organisations’ overflow call handling process and broader communication strategies. A Live Answering Service with broader scope such as overflow handling, afterhours and 24/7 availability can be an important asset to any organisation.