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Our Point of Difference

At TMC we offer usage-based pricing models. Our customers are charged for each call handled or transaction processed. This way our clients only pay for what they consume.


A usage-based pricing model facilitates a highly agile solution correlated to actual business needs. The model is highly efficient, cost effective, helping improve your Return on Investment.


Instead of committing to a set number of dedicated agents or resources, we adapt rapidly to your peaks and troughs. TMC can ‘take the strain’ during periods of high demand and in turn scale down when needed.


Outsourcing reduces the inherent costs associated with infrastructure, maintenance, hiring and training. Controlling these costs allows allocation of funds to other parts of the business essential to success.

Skilled Resources

Our skills based delivery model allows cross training and upskilling of our teams and resources that are available  for you at very short notice.  This is powerful for any business.


Many large organisations are partnering with TMC as a strategic value-add solution to their broader operations.