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Choosing the right outsourcing partner

If outsourcing fails, it can be costly and time-consuming to re-open or re-establish a whole new business department. With this in mind, it is imperative to conduct a cost–benefit analysis before any aspect of your business is outsourced.

These simple tips will help you select a professional and high-quality provider to best deliver your company’s unique customer service requirements.

Australian-based Service

If you operate an Australian-based business, then an outsourcing provider with local consultants will most accurately represent your brand. Delegating this service to an Australian provider ensures that your customers are clearly understood and efficiently handled.

24/7 Coverage

With 24/7 coverage – you will never miss a call. This means that your customer support process can extend far beyond the traditional 9am – 5pm trading hours. A 24-hour service demonstrates a high commitment to your customers and can create a strong brand image.

Outsourcing Experience

Outsourcing providers with years of experience are likely to have more resources and market knowledge to meet your business’ demands. It is crucial to consider the company’s outsourcing experience, portfolio of clients and suite of products and services before deciding on a provider.

Scope of Works Provided

Entrusting your brand to an outsourcing provider is a decision that should not be taken lightly. We encourage you to look for a partner who can customise their service to meet your individual business needs.


The voice of your brand is very important. We recommend asking your outsourcing partner how and where they recruit, what their staff retention rate is and if they conduct monitored test calls. Did you know the more prominent providers implement psychometric assessments before hiring employees?

Existing Clientele

Find an outsourcing partner who offers solutions to an array of industries. These providers are likely to have more versatility, breadth of knowledge and flexibility compared to firms who specialise in a single industry. 

By selecting an outsourcing provider with these points in mind, your company’s incoming calls, queries, questions or concerns will be answered by highly trained and professional agents who understand your customers and your brand.