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Business Continuity Planning in the face of the Covid Pandemic

Heightened by the COVID19 pandemic, TMC has become an integral partner to many organisations’ in relation to business continuity planning (BCP) and broader risk mitigation strategies. For most parts, the BCP solution remains in a dormant state, but in high availability mode, such that it can be activated with little or no notice at all. Quite simply, if implemented properly it will make the difference between operational uptime or disruptive closure.

Implementing a robust BCP service relies heavily in solution design. For example, a live answering service must be customised to the exact business needs. This means having a pre-determined script tailored to your business scope. It may also include access to third-party software such as a booking system or company web-based software (where required). For complex services we highly recommend periodic and planned testing to ensure that the solution remains relevant and up to date.


COVID19 has brought about a new set of challenges to many businesses. Some of which include:

  • Reduced workforce ratios subject to changing Chief Health Officer advice
    • Strain on meeting capacity
    • Logistics of remote workforces
  • Government mandated Work from Home Restrictions
    • Limited access to work infrastructure
    • Patchy internet connection
    • Inadequate computer hardware
  • Extended employees leave
    • If required to isolate
    • Consequence of being at an exposure site
    • Sick leave and reaction to vaccines
  • Risk of full shut down if work site deemed as an exposure site
    • Time lag to re-instate operations
    • Down time and business interruption
    • Communication to stakeholders
  • Industries deemed high risk, and simply ordered to close


With many of the challenges listed above, TMC has stepped in and helped clients across Australia & New Zealand keep their business communication needs fully operational. We utilise software to manage fully tailored services, inclusive but not limited to the following examples.

  • 24/7 Inbound Live Answering
  • Switchboard & Reception Services
  • Ability to manage schedules and bookings
  • Manage workflows and varying call types
  • Ability to handle emails and social communication platforms
  • Integration to clients CRM and other web-based platforms
  • Data entry to various applications – as needed


Having TMC on high availability is as simple as diverting yours phone, emails, social platforms, data management, and other processes over to us.  Except for high-volume scenarios where a “heads-up” may be required, we can generally scale our resources very quickly to meet most demands and surges in regular volumes.  We have a large pool of highly qualified contact centre agents available 24/7.

TMC has assisted many organisations in response to the COVID19 pandemic, particularly with respect to BCP. A Live Answering Service with broader scope such as email handling and socials monitoring can be an important asset to any organisation.