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Help Desk

Pain Point

Needed a high quality Australian-based contact centre to handle call spikes driven by press announcements relating to Covid-19


  • The client had been inundated with calls on several occasions due to press release and needed to improve their customer experience by answering those calls currently being abandoned
  • They engaged TMC as we had the proven experience required to meet their requirement
  • TMC has implemented a customised solution to the client’s satisfaction within a week


  • Client had extremely high expectations and risk adversity and had never used an outsourced contact centre provider
  • Manage many stakeholders to ensure branding alignment
  • A tight timeframe of less than 1 week to implement due to forecasted high contact volumes


  • We collaborated closely with key stakeholders to understand requirements and put forward a proposal
  • We implemented a comprehensive script to enable efficient call resolution and triage for hand-off as required.
  • We allocated our most experienced agents to handle the calls
  • We successfully deployed the solution on time and to budget, exceeding the client’s expectations

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Live Answer Help Desk service
  • We implemented a comprehensive reporting suite including our Call Activity and Business Intelligence reporting to enable informed decisions around quality improvement
  • The client now has the confidence that TMC’s low cost usage-based solution means they will never miss another call.

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