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When you need to be able to contact executives anywhere and any time

Pain Point

Need to be able to contact executives regardless of where they are in the case of an emergency


  • The client wanted to be able to send broadcast messages to their executives at any time to ensure their safety or know their whereabouts
  • They engaged us to provide a simple solution which they could manage themselves
  • The client has since only needed to use it once and it worked perfectly


  • SMS’s needed to be sent simultaneously to 100+ hundred senior managers in time of crisis
  • Staff information was highly confidential
  • Staff movements were frequent


  • We collaborated closely with the client to ensure we had a thorough understanding of their privacy concerns and identify a suitable solution for handling their staff sensitive data
  • We provided a 2-way SMS platform that the client could manage themselves with the aid of an extensive user guide
  • We included an “Opt-out” process which the client can use to help keep their records current

The final solution included:

  • We provided our off-the-shelf Textr bulk SMS solution
  • The client created a standalone database in a secure FTP location to automatically update from their HR system to which we connected our SMS Platform via API.
  • We allocated a mobile number for them to enable 2-way transmission that converted SMS to email and vice versa
  • The client now has peace of mind that they can send messages quickly and efficiently to all their people whenever they need, with the confidence that they are always using the most current contact information

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