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Pain Point

I needed a bulk SMS solution so I can contact the senior management team in the case of an emergency.


  • The client had an extensive organisation requiring the ability to send bulk SMS messages with urgency at any time


  • The staff list was confidential and could not be directly access
  • The solution had to be simple enough for anyone to use


  • We implemented our Textr Bulk SMS tool with the dedicated number option to enable 2-way communication.
  • The user-friendly interface provided
    • Ability to load multiple lists and create their own messages
    • Realtime visibility of response rates
  • We implemented an API connection to a database located on a secure folder so that the client could then link that database to the HR System
  • The client now has the piece of mind that anytime they need to send bulk SMS messages they can do so simply and with the confidence that they will always be contacting the right people.


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