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When you want to compliment the user experience for your website with live help options

Pain Point

Needed a high quality Australian-based chat service for new web-site


  • The client was developing a new website which they were anticipating would attract significant interest
  • The client wanted to maximise self help whilst also providing a seamless transition to a live agent if the complexity of the query so required
  • They engaged TMC as we had the proven experience required to meet their requirement
  • TMC has implemented a fully integrated solution to the client’s satisfaction


  • Client had extremely high expectations and risk adversity and had never used a webchat feature for their customers
  • Manage many stakeholders to ensure branding alignment
  • A tight timeframe of less than 2 weeks to implement due to forecasted high contact volumes
  • Maximise system driven responses to maximise self help


  • We collaborated closely with our key contacts to put forward a proposal that could be formally endorsed by internal stakeholders
  • We implemented a fully integrated solution that the website visitor could navigate efficiently to key website links and pages to resolve their query, or request a live agent to chat with if they couldn’t.
  • We then enabled a “call” button to take the caller through to our contact centre where our suitably skilled agents could take care of the more complex queries.
  • We conducted several testing and trial runs to improve the delivery model
  • We successfully deployed the solution on time and to budget, exceeding the client’s expectations

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Chatbot monitoring service, Live Chat monitoring service and Live Answer Help Desk
  • We implemented comprehensive call flows to seamlessly navigate a website visitor through any query.
  • We implemented a comprehensive reporting suite including our Call Activity and Business Intelligence reporting to enable informed learning for the bot and the flow on processes
  • The client now has the confidence that TMC’s low cost usage based solution has added another avenue for their customers to resolve queries cost effectively and with minimal disruption to their core team.

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