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When you need to manage an unprecedented surge in inbound calls

Pain Point

Product recall via media release caused an unprecedented surge in inbound calls


  • The client had an existing team of specialists overrun by incoming calls, creating long wait times and missed calls and resulting in a poor customer experience and damage to their brand
  • They engaged us to provide additional contact centre support, initially for handling the overflow of calls only
  • By gaining an in-depth knowledge of the client’s services we now handle all calls, live chat and emails – end to end


  • The client required an urgent solution
  • The client did not have the time to expand their inbound capabilities
  • The Client required the solution to have no negative impact to their brand and client experience


  • We started with a simple service using FAQ’s and call flows to triage the more difficult issues for escalation to the client
  • We trained our agents to handle the calls as efficiently as possible and used our client’s feedback to help improve the service
  • We created subject matter experts to further assist with the more complex queries without need to escalate to the client
  • We met regularly with the client to ensure our approach stayed aligned with expectations
  • We reported regularly on all calls handled and used this information as the basis for ongoing improvement

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our time-based Help Desk service as a cost effective, flexible and scalable solution
  • We added to this our Client Portal to provide visibility of all call handle activity, inclusive of access to audio recordings of calls handled
  • We built a custom Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard that showed call patterns, call types and resolution status
  • The client now has the confidence in our capability to refocus their team on other priorities and that they will never miss a call again

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