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When you need to monitor the health and safety of your people working remotely

Pain Point

Health and Safety of travelling and remote workers


TMC’s unique approach toward 24/7 remote and lone worker safety and wellbeing enabled University of Tasmania to replace a long standing, yet manually intensive process, with minimal disruption to their critical field operations.


University of Tasmania has a wide range of staff, and guest scientists from across the globe, travelling on land and by sea conducting hundreds of scientific expeditions and activities in some very remote places across Australia each year.

The University had identified very early on that the expertise to monitor their field workers needed to be outsourced. In early 2019, their longstanding provider wound up operations, leaving the University in urgent need of a new partner.


To begin with we first looked at the way the University was running their field worker monitoring process, and collaboratively tested multiple variations to our lone worker/remote traveller monitoring and escalation solution.

Through this we identified that simplifying the communication for each travel would enable us to introduce automation to the process, which both saved time, and reduced the opportunity for human error.

The final solution comprised our specially trained team of people utilising a customised technology suite, including:

  • Voice, email, SMS, Satellite Phone and webform communication capability
  • Monitoring of duress/distress alarms and escalation process procedures
  • Secure transfer of safety check-ins with co-travellers
  • Dashboard reporting to show the whereabouts of workers  in the field and their status
  • Rapid response support team to ensure ongoing optimal operation
  • The result meant a reduction in time managing the process and increased user engagement.

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