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Handling Missed Calls & Poor Customer Experience

Pain Point

A TMC client (well-known Australian brand) required TMC assistance to handle missed calls causing an increasingly poor customer experience.


  • The client had an existing contact team of specialists handling business hours calls, however after hours calls were not catered for, resulting in a poor customer experience
  • The calls related to making bookings to arrange repairs for consumers with heating and cooling needs
  • The client engaged TMC to provide additional contact centre support, initially for handling the after calls only
  • TMC was required to utilise Salesforce to complete all transactions, including trouble shooting, quoting, escalating repairs, etc.
  • Reporting weekly against a set of KPI’s to drive performance and identify areas of improvement, was critical to the effective ongoing management of the service
  • TMC’s performance at times exceeded that of the client’s internal team, thus enabling TMC to take on additional projects expanding to accommodate 20+ services and securing a Lead generation program
  • Lead generation program involved comprehensive pre-sales processes, including credit check, quoting, follow-up (pipeline management) and ordering
  • TMC remained integral to the client’s go to market model for over 3 years until they withdrew many of the products


  • Great degree of complexity in the services offered by the client
  • Complex Salesforce structure
  • Simplifying a comprehensive training requirement


  • TMC commenced with a simple service using FAQ’s, algorithms and call flows to triage the more difficult issues for escalation to the client
  • We integrated our platform with Salesforce
  • We trained our agents to handle the calls as efficiently as possible and used their feedback to help improve the scripting and underlying algorithms, thereby reducing average handle times
  • We created subject matter experts to further enable first call resolution of more complex queries and reduce escalations to the client
  • TMC and the client met regularly to ensure our approach stayed aligned with expectations

The final solution included:

  • Our usage-based Help Desk service as a cost effective, flexible and scalable solution
  • Salesforce integration
  • Our Client Portal to provide visibility of all transaction handle activity.


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