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When you need to ensure the safety of workers while travelling

Pain Point

Need to ensure the safety of workers whilst they are either travelling to or at remote locations


  • The client had mining exploration personnel in the field on a regular basis and were increasing concerned of the need to provide a monitoring service that could improve upon their existing relatively manual process, which was becoming increasingly resource intensive to manage
  • They engaged us to provide an automated 24/7 monitoring process based on scheduled travel rosters
  • Our process has been expanded to also include interstate and other travel as an when required


  • Rosters were set and well entrenched with workers so any changes would need to be carefully considered before introduction
  • We needed to integrate multiple branded personal safety devices
  • The client needed visibility of the status of their infield workers


  • We collaborated with the client to understand their requirements and tested multiple scenarios to demonstrate our capabilities
  • We customised a solution to enable multiple contact options, using a webform as the basis for setting up the travel and enabling voice, SMS, digital device, satellite phone options for travellers, thereby maximising contact, regardless of location.
    • The schedule can be set in advance, with travellers able to make last minute changes by their preferred contact method as above, either for the travel plan or for check-ins or close-offs and arrival.
    • Similarly, adhoc travel can be arranged for monitoring at any time
    • We then monitor the safety of the travellers according to the programmed check in times, so that if they miss a designated time, we then contact them to check on their status.
    • Any check-ins that require our follow-up are then advised at the time of the call to the designated client contact points
    • Should there be any incidents, we follow the agreed escalation process to either engage the clients health and safety team, or emergency services as the situation warrants
  • We provided a comprehensive dashboard to show location and status of every traveller.

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Lone Worker Monitoring service, integrating webform voice, digital devices, SMS and Satellite phone to maximise contactability
  • We implemented a Client Portal to enable remote management of the client’s schedule and escalation contact lists and a Dashboard to provide 24/7 access and visibility of the status and map location of all travelling staff
  • The client now has the confidence that their travelling staff are effectively monitored whilst they are working remotely

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