Outbound Campaign

Pain Point

Need contact centre assistance to convert qualified leads into appointments for in-home presentations.


  • The client was receiving more leads than they could handle each week
  • They engaged us to call these leads and arrange appointment times in a shared calendar for their consultants to conduct in-home presentations.
  • Disqualify dud leads as this was creating inefficient use of their time otherwise spent with genuine enquiries
  • We secured an interest rate of 71% and appointment rate of 53%.


  • The client required an urgent solution
  • The client did not have a shared calendar solution
  • The Client required extensive questioning to validate the need for an appointment


  • We created a comprehensive script to reflect the questioning required
  • Then we created a campaign for which we trained selected agents based on the daily appointment volume required
  • Then we trialled multiple approaches before settling into a rhythm for the duration of the campaign, advising them of each appointment as they were made
  • We completed the campaign via our telephony and scripting platforms
  • We provided a comprehensive call activity reporting for the duration of the campaign

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Outbound Campaign Management service to minimise costs
  • We integrated calendars for each Consultant
  • We paced out calling pattern to suit each calendar
  • The campaign was deemed a success by the client

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