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When you need low cost administrative support

Pain Point

Need low cost administrative support for Franchisees.


  • The client had a large and growing network of franchisees
  • Their processes generated large amounts of paperwork to complete quotations and orders which was becoming problematic for the franchisees, restricting their time they should be spending on revenue generation
  • With TMC’s offshoring solution, the Franchisees are now able to access their own team of administrative staff in Manila to take care of their paperwork so they can focus on sales and growing their businesses


  • Sales volumes had been fluctuating considerably making it difficult to justify support resources, further impacted by Covid restrictions
  • The client needed an experienced resource immediately – one that could assume a Team Leader role as the demand for administrative support across franchisees increased.
  • The client hadn’t used offshore before so was initially quite apprehensive


  • We consulted with the client to make sure we understood their requirements for processing and communication back to stakeholders and trades in Australia
  • We identified an experienced team leader with a background in working with Australian clients and engaged with the client to establish suitability
  • We provided a customised approach whereby the new person could either stay on permanently if proven suitable, or transition to a more suitable resource within the first 3 months.

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our dedicated Team Member solution, reporting directly to the client’s nominated manager
  • We allocated an Australian-based Account Manager to oversee the operation
  • The client retained the originally provided resource and have established a plan with TMC to grow the team with additional resources within the First month of operation

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