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When you need to the most cost-effective communication solution

Pain Point

Need a more cost effective outsource solution


  • The client had been using an afterhours contact centre but this was becoming too expensive
  • They engaged us to a more cost-effective solution
  • The client has now been very happy with our pricing and the quality of our service for over 3 years


  • Client was cost sensitive
  • They needed to make the change seamlessly for their customers


  • We discussed various pricing options and settled on the most cost-effective service that would deliver a solid platform allowing more functionality to be added over time
  • We customised our scripting, including answer phrase and 3 fields of information, including contact name, number and a brief message, which we then emailed to their nominated contacts
  • We included call activity reporting due to the high volume of calls, to enable quick and efficient prioritisation of messages

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Single Contact Point 200 Bundled plan
  • We added our Call Activity reporting option
  • The client now has the cost effective solution they need

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