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Small Business (owner operator)

Pain Point

Expanding business unable to deal with incoming call volumes


  • A local cleaning service business was looking to outsource their call answering service due to significant growth in their business
  • The service was set up to primarily manage all call types including administration and sales enquiries.
  • The requirement included a capability to forward messages to various employees within the company based on the call type; e.g., sales enquiries were sent to the Sales manager, Account Enquiries to the Accounts Person, whilst all service related enquires were sent to the Operations Manager.
  • The client wanted the service to make their business sound larger than what it was.


  • Introduce a teams-based messaging service so that calls were sent to the appropriate persons within the business
  • Making the business sound larger than what it was


  • We designed a call flow script to professionally manage all call types and direction of various calls to specific personnel within the business
  • We engaged an outsource provider to professionally produce a Business Introduction Greeting at the beginning of each call that made the business sound larger than what it was.
  • We provided the client with Client Portal Access with full transparency across all call handling

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Help Desk and Support Service incorporating Escalation Management
  • A clear and concise script to quickly triage urgent/non-urgent jobs and handle escalations
  • The client saves handling costs due to systems’ integration
  • The client has peace of mind knowing that they have both the capacity and capability to deal with any unforeseen events, 24/7, every day of the year

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