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When you’re an owner operator with a growing business needing help dealing with incoming call volumes

Pain Point

Unable to deal with incoming call volumes.


  • A local roller door and gate repair service was looking to outsource their call answering service due to significant growth in their business
  • The service was set up to primarily manage sales enquiries as well as urgent call out requests
  • As part of engaging TMC, the client was seeking assistance in selecting an appropriate web-based tool to manage leads and job allocations. This included a requirement that TMC enter all call details directly into the web-based tool selected.
  • The client was very conscious of outsourcing their call handling and maintaining full professionalism and customer service protocols and their brand. They requested full access to their call records so that they could monitor the quality.


  • Finding a web-based platform that would integrate to our call answering service workflows and client scope to manage both leads and jobs
  • The solution needed to fit within a limited budget
  • The solution would eventually replace the TMC scripting platform which meant a transition phase would eventually be required


  • We designed a call flow script to professionally manage all call types
  • We implemented a comprehensive script including FAQ’s tool to ensure proper handle of call types
  • We worked with the client to select an appropriate web-based tool to manage full end to tend service scope and integrated the solution into our call handling processes
  • We provided full transparency and access to all call recordings via our Client Web-portal

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Help Desk and Support Service to manage all calls
  • A clear and concise script to quickly triage urgent/non-urgent jobs and handle escalations
  • The client saves handling costs due to systems’ integration
  • The client has peace of mind knowing that they have both the capacity and capability to deal with any unforeseen events, 24/7, every day of the year

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