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When you need a 24/7 hotline that’s personalised

Pain Point

My clients require a 24/7 hotline for call-out and we need to provide separate numbers for them to individually personalise their service.


  • The client needed specific 1300 numbers for each of their clients.
  • These numbers would terminate on an afterhours contact centre
  • They engaged us to provide not only the 1300 services but also the afterhours help desk service


  • Providing a specific branded approach to each of the client’s clients
  • Answering the calls in a way that demonstrated a sound understanding of each individual client


  • We worked with the client to identify each 1300 service and sourced these within 48 hours so they could commence advertising.
  • We then created a templated approach for the afterhours call-out service and customised this for each of the client’s clients
  • We now provide a total contact center support for the client comprising a different 1300 for each of their clients

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our TMC Connect 1300 Service.
  • We implemented our Help Desk and Support service to handle the calls
  • The client now has a cost effective and scalable model whereby each client is handled individually via their own 1300 but via the same contact centre at TMC


If you’d like to know more about our bespoke 1300 and Help Desk and Support services,