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When you need your lifts monitored for emergencies 24/7

Pain Point

People travelling in elevators need to be able to contact someone in an emergency.


  • An elevator sales and service company was seeking an outsourced partner to handle live answering of both business hours and afterhours calls
  • The service had to be capable of handling emergency calls from people potentially trapped in a lift


  • Accommodating both business hours sales and service calls as well as any emergency calls requiring lift maintenance personnel
  • Designing a solution that our agents could use with minimal training
  • Assisting a person trapped in a lift scenario empathetically and QUICKLY
  • Keeping a trapped person updated of progress of attendance by a technician


  • We collaborated with the client to identify the key requirements of managing escalations across multiple scenarios and trade types
  • We implemented a service capable of transferring sales enquiries to the sales team, service calls to the service team and handling emergency calls
  • We incorporated our escalation management tool to ensure urgent calls are escalated according to agreed frequency, timing utilising both calls and SMS

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Escalation Management service
  • A clear and concise script to quickly identify urgent/non-urgent jobs and handle escalations
  • Provision of our Client Portal so the client can maintain their staff roster remotely as and when they need
  • The client has peace of mind knowing that they will never miss any sales or service calls, and the people using their elevators are safely monitored, 24/7, every day of the year

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