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When you need 24/7 remote monitoring to keep people safe

Pain Point

Personal alarm devices needed 24/7 hour monitoring to ensure wellbeing of aged care and retirement village residents.


  • An Information Technology and services provider of alarm monitoring equipment required an Australian-based partner to provide 24/7 contact centre support.
  • In the event of an alarm being activated, the contact centre was required to process according to strict prioritisation
  • The solution expanded to include both incoming calls and system generated alarms.


  • Integrating email “alerts” generated by alarms into TMC systems
  • ensuring clear instructions to enable quick and appropriate response to alarms


  • We collaborated closely with the client to understand their needs over a 12 month period
  • We implemented integrated scripting and monitoring tools to efficiently handle both voice queries and device generated alerts
  • We included a full reporting suite, including trending and exception reporting to identify potential areas for improvement
  • We established a long term agreement with templated roll-out processes

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Email Management and Support service
  • We expanded the solution with a series of additional Help Desk and Support Services for new client’s as they were onboarded
  • We included our Client Portal option for remote access to reporting for each client and to update rosters and lookup tables remotely
  • The client now has now embedded TMC’s contact centre support as an integral part of their business structure

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