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Reception Service

Pain Point

Retail outlets missing out on business generated through national advertising


  • A provider of automotive member services needed a reception service that could direct queries to their central number as referrals to various retail outlets.
  • The client did not have internal resources to handle these calls.
  • Calls needed to be warm transferred to optimise customer experience and maximise potential sales


  • Identifying outlets within suburbs and neighbouring suburbs
  • Managing an extensive contact and suburbs list to enable quick identification of neighbouring retail outlets should the first be unable to answer, all whilst the customer is on hold
  • Afterhours required a different call handling approach whereby contact details of the relevant were provided to the caller to follow-up next day, with messages sent to the relevant retail outlet to be aware of a potential lead.


  • We collaboratively mapped out the desired call handle flow and tested prior to Go Live
  • We implemented a concise script incorporating suburb lookup by address, linking this to the various retail outlets complete with contact numbers for warm transfers
  • We created message formats to ensure all relevant details could be emailed to both the retail outlet and the potential customer

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our Reception Answering and Transfers service
  • Integrating their website to help facilitate the identification of retail outlet types
  • Deployment of our Client Portal to enable remote maintenance of contact lists and tables.

The result meant increased value to their membership, through additional sales leads and a better experience for their customers.

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