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When your current after-hours process is becoming a drain on resources

Pain Point

Current afterhours process for handling afterhours staff inefficient and becoming a drain on resources.


  • The client required afterhours support for family members needing to contact an oncall nurse
  • They engaged us to provide a solution that would be able to
    • handle the nurses’ roster and
    • ensure family members enquiries were appropriately handled
  • we now handle all after hours calls


  • The callers needed to be treated with empathy due to the sensitivities for their family member’s situation
  • The nurse’s roster was dynamic and subject to change at last minute notice
  • Contact to the nurse was paramount


  • We identified with the client that the calls would be either by urgent (for the nurse) or not in which case they would be better handled buy the office the next business day
  • We then designed a script that enabled our agents to not only be aware of the empathy to be shown and why, but also minimised information they needed for quickly escalating to a nurse
  • We incorporated an escalation process so that if the nurse was unavailable after several attempts, we would leave them a message and escalate according to an agreed contact list.
  • We enabled the client to remotely manage their nurse roster so that our agents would always have the right contacts to call
  • For calls agreed as non-urgent, we sent emails to the client’s nominated contact point for next day follow-up.

The final solution included:

  • We implemented our Escalation Management service to effectively handle all enquiries
  • We implemented our Client Portal to enable remote updating of the Nurses roster and escalation contact points
  • We provided regular Cala Activity reporting to provide full visibility of all the calls we handle
  • The client now has the confidence that family members are appropriately catered for afterhours without the need for intervention of their staff other than nurses

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