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When you need the ability to monitor the health and wellbeing of workers within remote areas

Pain Point

Ability to monitor the Health and Wellbeing of workers travelling within remote areas of Australia


  • Our client had employees constantly travelling across remote parts of Australia
  • They required a method to alert management of any issues or incidents during their travels
  • The client did not have resources nor processes to manage the monitoring needed


  • To find an accurate and efficient way to log each employee travel itinerary
  • To implement a method for employees to contact the Lone Worker Service
  • To implement a method for TMC to contact travelling employees to update check points
  • There was limitation across some areas where mobile phone reception was not available


  • We integrated our client’s employee travel itineraries into our Lone Worker Solution
  • Employees were able to log itinerary vie telephone contact into TMC or via webform
  • Our solution included full monitoring of travelling employees via dashboard
  • Our solution had alerts where employees failed to check in at agreed regular intervals
  • Our solution provided employees with the ability to amend itinerary and check in timeframes
  • Our client has full visibility and reporting of our service via a live dashboard
  • Build a solution that had Omni Channel capability, mobile phone, SMS, satellite phone

The final solution included:

  • Voice, email, SMS, Satellite Phone and webform communication capability
  • Monitoring of duress/distress alarms and escalation process procedures
  • Secure transfer of safety check-ins with co-travellers
  • Dashboard reporting to show the whereabouts of workers in the field and their status
  • Rapid response support team to ensure ongoing optimal operation
  • The result meant a reduction in time managing the process and increased user engagement.

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