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Live Answer Messaging

Pain Point

Needing an Australian based company to answer all calls during Covid 19 stage 4 lock downs


  • A legal practice located in Melbourne needed to implement work from home as a result of the stage 4 lock downs by the Victorian Government
  • Our client needed a quick and easy way to receive calls on their behalf and forward messages to relevant practitioners of the firm now working from home


  • Implementing the service urgently
  • Ability to send message details to various practitioners depending on various call types
  • The client was very cost conscious


  • We collaborated with the client to identify their specific requirements
  • We stepped them through the process of diverting their office number to TMC
  • We implemented their service same business day
  • They have now engaged our services permanently as they see a broader benefit to this solution

The final solution included:

  • Implementation of our most cost-effective Live Answering Messaging Bundled service
  • A clear and concise script to quickly take messages and email them through to the relevant person after each call
  • The client has peace of mind knowing they will never miss a call and that the solution can be enhanced as and when they need

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